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  1. Snake Pictures
    I am really surprised how the Motley is growing to absolutely stunning coloured boa :gasp:
  2. Snakes
    Pictures have been taken with Nikon Coolpix p520 in portable photobox 50x50 and the macro pics with Raynox dcr250 Super Macro Lens in the same photobox :2thumb:
  3. Snake Pictures
    just thought i would share a few of my pics. the boas i have are kahl albino,common,motley,hypo and just recently picked up a hypo jungle
  4. Snake Pictures
    not sure if I`ve even posted pics of this guy up before?...he`s a gorgeous chap although he is a very dark hog island, he has some amazing colouring in the flesh! he has a little bit of nose rub due to wanting a lady friend! and I only niticed the little bit of stuck shed on his nose halfway...
  5. Snake Pictures
    well these little ones have shed, one more is in mid shed so will add a pic once s/he is done...not the best pics, as they are wriggly little sods, going to try the first feedings today...will update on if they eat, although they are all still very chunky so I doubt they will be hungry yet, but...
  6. Snake Pictures
    my young adult female sonoran dwarf shed this morning, and is looking lovely so decided to grab some pics of her...she is such a sweet natured girl and seems to thoroughly enjoy coming out for a climb around and is always into everything! :lol2:
  7. Snake Pictures
    i already posted a thread of my new boa i got him 8 days ago but would like to see your boas upload pics of your boas posts pics of your boa wether thay are big or small
  8. Snake Pictures
    well here is my youngest daughters boa Phineas, he is a very sweet little chap....and rather stunning too IMO :no1: and a little video I took at the same time. My daughters common BCI - YouTube
  9. Snake Pictures
    this girl has been keeping me on my toes for weeks!!! she swells, she shrinks....she swells she shrinks! she feeds fine non stop....UNTIL she refused her first feed ever last week! so I am now hoping that she is either getting ready to drop....or is at least gravid! :2thumb:
  10. Snake Pictures
    got these three tonight from dna reptiles from the TSK import (thanks again mate) first up....female hypo motley probable jungle, really rubbish pics! she is very lively! really happy with her...just wish I could capture her colours better, once she is settled etc I shall try for some outside...
  11. Snake Pictures
    got some pics of my little man awaiting his rat last night, I really do love these boas to bits! they are so full of personality! and super good looking to boot! :no1: he is a bit of a multi personality chap, some days he is fine...nice and inquisitive and docile, and then others he...
  12. Snakes
    As the sun was out i thought id get the boys and girls out...Hope you like (sorry picture overload) The End Many Thanks
  13. Snake Pictures
    My 8 year old daughter with our adult male boa, she is very good at handling the obviously she has been around them since birth, (she has her own pair of CRB`s which "she" has bred) this guy is just over 6ft...and as placid as can be!.... thumb wars! he wins! :lol2:
  14. Snake Pictures
    just got this girl in a trade, and she is stunning!
  15. Snake Pictures
    this guy came from my good friend Alison, (mask-of-sanity) he is a lovely lad, has a real nice chocolate/caramel tone to him that the pics really don`t pick up at all...he is soft as they come, and am very happy to have him in my collection! :no1:
  16. Snake Pictures
    got some pics of my 4 year old daughters BCI Phineas...he is the calmest most laid back snake I have ever come across! and my daughter loves him to bits...she even feeds him herself (still jumps a wee bit when he strikes though :lol2:) is the lovely wee chap!
  17. Snake Pictures
    these have to be my favourite boas ever I think! just cant say a bad thing about them!....well...apart from the fact the male wants to kill me now! he used to be such a calm gentle chap! but since yesterday he has randomly decided he hates me! and decided to tell me so by giving me a rather good...
  18. Snake Pictures
    not taken any pics of my gorgeous girly for quite a while, she shed last night..and was looking as gorgeous as ever today, so grabbed some pics... a bit of a badly lit pic....but you get the idea and her in her true glory :flrt:
  19. Snake Pictures
    Thought I would post some pics of my new cb11 female 66% het sharp boa!:) Looking to breed her with a super hypo in a few years when shes ready! Hoping to get some absolutely awesome patterned Hypos!!:):)
1-20 of 33 Results