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  1. Snake Pictures
    well, here is my girls future partner, got him from Terry (thanks again mate! :no1:) sold as CA dwarf...but I have very little doubt on him being a pure sonoran, anyway....they are both gorgeous! and both 66% het anery type 2, cant wait to get these guys paired up!...the sheen on these guys is...
  2. Snake Pictures
    got this gorgeous girl from Chris s today, and she is a belter! the pics genuinely do absolutely no justice in my opinion! I`m over the moon with her....she is an 09, and is very small (around 3-3.5ft) for some reason the black looks more of a really dark brown in most places in the pics, but...
  3. Snake Pictures
    love this girl! she has some great colouring! and lovely markings....she also has a great character!
  4. Snake Pictures
    this is my little boa from Julias surprise litter of boas last year! this is her/him in his/her lightest phase....the contrasts in colour are very extreme with this little one!
  5. Snake Pictures
    here are some pics of the baby columbian rainbow boa we have held back and a few of mum
  6. Snake Pictures
    decided to name this girl Birtha as she was my birthday present from the other half and the kids :lol2:....the sun was shining and it was nice and warm today, so thought I would grab a few outdoor pics of her...she is in her darker phase here, when she goes light she is a gorgeous peachy...
  7. Snake Pictures
    First up is my 2011 Red Pastel bred by BK Boas next is my Hogg Island Male and finally my DM pastel pair
  8. Snake Pictures
    my little girl just shed and i'm still amazed by her markings so i thorght i'd share a few pics
  9. Snake Pictures
    as we where talking about him yesterday and you requested pics of him this is my specail old boy jordan, currently thought to be between 15/16 years old, came to me on the back of a 125 motorbike in a pillow case. its taken three years to calm him down from the monster he once was up now a big...
  10. Snake Pictures
    as above havent seen any pics of people handling the big boa's and i would like to see so i can have a gd idea on the best way to handle when mine gets to a gd size to start it of i will put a pic of my baby :flrt:
  11. Snake Pictures
    my daughters female CRB shed last night so i grabbed some pics of her, really pretty snake this one...and so docile, my daughter loves her to bits.
  12. Snake Pictures
    just took these of my male poss dh sunglow hypo BCI, this guy is STUNNING! really has to be seen in the flesh to appreciate just how nice he is...he can be a little narky, but overall is very well behaved! and with looks like his he can be as narky as he likes! :flrt:...
  13. Snake Pictures
    Just uploaded a few pics to my laptop & thought i'd share a few
21-33 of 33 Results