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boa poo
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    alrght guys so its been a month now since my female BCI (19 weeks old) last pooed, she used to do it weekly, about 5-6 days after her weekly feed of 1 large mouse. shes growing well and has shed twice in the last 5 weeks, both times complete sheds without any retained skin. i know there are...
  2. Snakes
    i recently got a new (bci) i had her for about two weeks shes seems fine basks most of the day and is lively at night shes ate two large mice within the two weeks ive had her but ive search the viv and theres no sign of her poo anywhere is this normal or is there an underlying problem ??
  3. Snakes
    When we first got our Boa she did a poo that was like a solid cat poo, since then shes done two more but they have been very runny. Is this ok? The poos are a month apart, she is eating frozen rat fuzzies (the feed before was a rat pup but was runny as well) every 6 to 8 days, sheds normally...
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    How many days should a baby boa poo after eating her meal? I dont think she is pooing as i havnt seen any yet, her viv temps are fine at 32 - 27 Any help would be appreciated Steve
1-4 of 4 Results