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    Just picked up this handsome man last night but I was wondering what species of Bci he may be? Was told he’s about 4yrs and he’s about 4-5ft.
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    I have for sale my pair of mullers sand boas, price is £100 for the pair, they are currently around 1 foot long and are easy to handle. They defecate and shed with no issues but can be a bit finicky when feeding, any questions please get in contact.
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    Anyone know what morph he may be? just a normal maybe?
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    Snow Boa Male, Beautiful snake £400. Courier can be arranged for extra fee. Average courier is £50
  5. Snakes
    Hello I'm new to snake keeping and I just had a question for everyone who knows better than me( I'd assume everyone🤣) Without any morph I'm fairly happy with the differences however I have a morph and now I can't decipher which boa I have. I will attach picture/pictures. Also as a little game...
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    Cb20 male IMG hypo jungle het Bwc £900. Cb18 female leopard het anery £500. Cb18 female leopard het sharp £600. Possible trades on nice tree boas, higher end royals, or dwarf boa locales. Plymouth or courier. Short payment plans possible.
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    He is eating and acting normal his belly just turned this color before his last shed, ive read multiple things and im a bit panicked as i overthink things alot, is this belly rot? ibd? burn?normal color? I will be getting him to a vet soon but its hard to find one where i live. also his warm...
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    Hello. First time snake owner. Had my male rosy for about 4 weeks now and he won't eat for me. Breeder told me he was on adult thawed mice. Bought some & thawed it. My rosy acts interested. He follows it around when I move it, puts his face on it, even rubs his nose in it. Then just leaves it...
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    I have available a LP V150 rack. This rack is 7 tall and suitable for breeding boas and semi large pythons. LP offer this rack direct for roughly £1400for a 6 tall version. This rack will be available shortly once cleaned and dismantled. Comes with all heating and thermostats Collection...
  10. Equipment & Supplies
    I have available a LP V150 rack. This rack is 7 tall and suitable for breeding boas and semi large pythons. LP offer this rack direct for roughly £1400for a 6 tall version. This rack will be available shortly once cleaned and dismantled. Collection from Lincolnshire or courier at buyers...
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    We've had a recent litter of Hog Island boas. These are only a couple of weeks old and so aren't ready to go to forever homes yet, but deposits are being taken and are going quickly. All animals here are pets and kept in naturalistic enclosures with UV and opportunities to undertake natural...
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    Boa Constrictor - approx 7 years old. Unsexed. Around 5/6 foot. Was rescued when juvenile and was used for educational talks for a few years. Not been used for last couple of years as other work now means I’m not able to continue with the talks. sheds and eats well. Did have fantastic...
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    Khal strain Albino. Good boy. 4-5 foot. North west. £150.
  14. Snake Classifieds
    Change in direction enables me to offer for sale my 2020 male hypo berry blood boa. Not the usual washed out brown blood, this guy is nice bright and vibrant orange. hes roughly 18inch long, feeding 2 weekly on defrosted rat fluffs and never refuses, although you may have to offer it from the...
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    Beautiful leopard boa girl can be abit hissy and striky but will calm down over time, she is 10 months old and has an amazing patten she does everything a snake should( shedding, eating, pooping) £290 or Can consider swaps for other reptiles
  16. Snakes
    I dont know what to do, i had my male boa for around 5 months, hes nearly 2 years old and my ball pythons viv sits ontop of the boas.i was checking on my ball python and my boa stuck at the glass and started hissing very loudly. I left him for about 15 minutes and tried to switch his light off...
  17. Snakes
    Hey all, So I'm picking up my first Boa tomorrow and have decided on a Sonoran Dwarf Boa from a local breeder, we have chosen a male as the breeder recommended him, as he is the least aggressive as he's had a lot of time spent on him as the breeder was originally planning on keeping him. I have...
  18. Habitat
    I have plans for a large bioactive common boa enclosure and was wondering if anyone here has had any luck including other small animals in larger habitats. I know that young boas may eat frogs or fish, but I imagine that smaller individuals probably wouldn't be bothered by an adult boa. I'd have...
  19. Snakes
    So as the title suggests I recently noticed my sand boa's head/neck area is gone a bit wrinkly, this is the first time I noticed this. She went into shed almost two weeks ago now, I didn't notice this when she was in blue, this happend a bit after that phase, ive only noticed these wrinkles the...
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    These lovely boa imperator new borns are 19 weeks old. Shedding and eating well. Very friendly, handled regularly. Parents are about 4 to 5 feet long and can be seen. Feel free to get in touch with any questions.
1-20 of 500 Results