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bosc advice needed
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    some one help please. i have a young bosc monitor who i've had for almost a year now. the problem is, when i got him/her they ate a lot all the time, now he/she very rarely eats unless it's a pinkie and seems to sleep all day and night. i assumed it was the UV or temperature so i bought a new UV...
  2. Lizards
    Hi, I was hoping to get some help/advice about my Bosc monitor. It seems like it's drunk, it's walking around and swaying it's head and has fallen over a few times, he is my first monitor lizard and I'm not sure If this is normal. When it walks it's movements seem really robotic and stiff. So...
  3. Lizards
    hi every one i am going to get my bosc on wednesday i have read a few care sheets but from threads ive read on here i dont think the care sheets were to good so can you give me some tips and advice please i have the set up and the bosc is a baby if that makes sence
  4. Lizards
    i have built a new viv for my bosc it is 8x4x4 and was wondering how to make it water proof on the inside as ime made it out of furniture grade ply can anyone help or advise me please. i was also looking fro advice on how to heat this size tank and for lighting advice ect and the right kind of...
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    O.K this is it. The Monitor and Tegu thread. Anything goes within reason wether it be pictures of the animals themselves, their enclosures or questions and advice. Maybe give reasons of how you got intersted in your chosen species? Lets keep it friendly and keep it going. I know there's been a...
1-5 of 5 Results