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bosc for sale
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    Bosc monitor around 2ft very tame can pick him/her up with no problem very active and in great health can send photo via what's app or email tex/call me on 07501967201 only bosc for sale no vivarium
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    Tegu Adult male, believed to be around 5 years old. He is puppy dog tame except for feed times where he can be a little bit snappy/jumpy. He loves attention and to have a free roam around the house. He eats anything you put infront of, especially chicks, beef and seafood. He also loves to...
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    my bosc juvi is for sale through no fault of his/her own im focusing on my dwarf monitor breeds so he/she is up for grabs eats poos sheds fine loves to sleep and have a bath currently going through a shedding will deliver locally good homes only cheers john
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    Hello i have a 2ft bosc monitor i am looking to swop or sell she is a female from what i am told farily tame has her grumpy moments only hisses has never bitten me or whiped at me she poos sheds fine eats like a horse and loves to be out and about. will deliver her localy.A few photos of the my...
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    hi i have sadley decided to sell my bosc monitor and concentrate on my bearded dragons he has been well looked after is 3 months old eats,poo,sheds with no problems eats dusted crickets,locusts and a pinkie a month slowly taming
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    I have a baby Bosc and two plated Lizards fo sale. Bosc £20. Plateds £25 pair. all good healthy lizards.
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    Hi, I recently purchased 2 Boscs and will need to move 1 on. I have enough room for them now but only 1 as it becomes an adult so need to find him a good home. He is a sandy yellow colour rather than the dark brown of most Sav's. He is huffy still but only when you pick him out the viv...
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    I've decided to reduce my collection & sell my bosc monitor. I've had him (I've called it male but never been sexed) for about 4yrs. He's not handleable unless you've a lot of time to dedicate to him as he will tail flick & bite pretty much anything! Needs to go to a good home with experience...
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    selling this for my freind :) is tame but will still need handling as is quite young 3ft viv, thermostat, bulb, cave, bark and a few plants with bosc £150 location saffron walden : victory: reason for sale, wants a iguana :mf_dribble:
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    ok, this is a rather sad sale...but i really want a female retic! and the only way i can get the go ahead from my other half is to reduce the collection rather radicaly!...but this is something i REALLY want, so i must do what has to be done! absolutely NO timewasters please! as this is a very...
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    Hi everyone. You may have read my other post. I have started this one because the circumstances have changed. We aren't selling him because of money anymore. We won't be able to look after him anymore due to personal reasons. He is about 2.5 ft. He love his baths. He's never bitten. Only...
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    baby male bosc for sale open to good offers!
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    baby bosc monitor for sale £40 ok temp feed's well open to offers though! collection only, i live in eastleigh which is 10mins away from southampton if you dont know where eastleigh is. regards matt!
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    baby bosc monitor for sale, open to offers! i live in eastliegh which is near southampton! collection only regards matt
1-14 of 14 Results