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  1. Lizards
    i have just had my bosc out and one of his back left foot toe nails has gone looks healthy like it was pulled out when he was climbing will it grow back is there anything i can do to treat it
  2. Lizards
    Hi I have just got a bosc monitor (have had him/her about a week now), he/she is about 8/9inches long, in the shop was catching insects and eating 1 pinky a week. But since I have had him/her I offer crickets everyday but have only ever seen him eat about 3, but he will eat pinkies when...
  3. Lizards
    Hi my female bosc wont eat ive tried lots of different food but she wont take any she is in a 10 foot square tank with 2 other boscs and they are fine she is now very week and want to know the best thig to force feed her with thanks from darin
  4. Lizards
    Hi all! Can anybody give me a rough idea of the growth rate of a bosc monitor? Im considering getting a neonate, which is fine for the moment as my boa is about to leave his 2x2x1 to go into his big boy viv, so obviously that will be fine while the bosc is young... : victory:
  5. Lizards
    hi guys I am about to buy my first bosc, I have my custom viv built an set up but with one slight problem, I have a 100w red bulb set up but it doesn’t seem to heat up the viv enough, It only gets to around 80 degrees and then stops any advice on how to solve this? I don’t want to get a 150...
1-5 of 5 Results