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bosc monitor lizard
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    I have recently bought a baby bosc monitor and would like some advice about the best way to tame him. I had a adult bosc years ago but was already friendly when I got her. Any advice would really be appreciated. Thanks. Kirsty x
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    I have a bosc monitor about 1ft Eats everything live foods egg mice ras everything really. Its unsexed really nosy but can be mardy so needs someone who has got the time to handle it more and thats why i have to let it go as im working 3 jobs now and its not fair on it. Needs someone who...
  3. Lizards
    hi guys n gals , im thinking about taking on my friends bosc monitor lizard as he isnt able to care for it anymore and isnt interested in it... i just need some advice on the do's n donts 1st... ive read some threads on them and ive looked online about there needs and ive already downloaded...
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    Male bosc monitor to good home he his healthy and active, has never bitten me, he eats mice, rats, locusts, morios. He is around 2ft. Iam moving house thats the reason for selling. Contact me if interested. 07729754873 Edinburgh scotland
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    6 months old bosc for sale. Been working with him to tame him/her. Feeds from tongs and will come onto hand/arm with no worries. Feeding on marioworms,crickets,roaches,locusts and a chic every Sunday. Currently in a 4x2x2 which is plenty of room for it at the mo. can come with viv for an extra...
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    Hi I have a 6 to 8 month old bosc monitor that is really agressive. When I bought him from my local reptile shop they said he would calm down through planty of handling well I have had him 4 months and handled him every other day and he puffs up and hisses but that dosent bother me what bothers...
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    Lovely large monitor, feeding on chicks,locust,small rats, beefheart and such needs a new home as current owner/partner is too busy to keep him and let him out on regular basis so he has to go. Comes with viv 4x2x2 with ceramic heater controlled with a thermostat and also light and heat pad...
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    He's "gotta go" asap Im sadly having to sell my male bosc monitor asap as im due to have a baby in 2weeks & I cant have him around her. He's 3year old and measures at around 32inches, all Im wanting is £50 ono :gasp: cheaper than half the price we paid 4 him, make me an offer, I can only say...
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    this is my bosc monitor its 2.5ft comes with full set up really nice character laid back loves his baths if your wanting to buy this you must know that these are like dogs you nees to give them time space and attention my reason for sale is i dont have the time for him and he deserves the best ...
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    Hi all i have a 2010 male bosc monior lizard for sale. Very tame and likes to come out he will not poo inside his tanks he comes out and poos and some news paper. He will eat almost everything. Thanks
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    Free to a good home, I am rehoming my 4-5 year old Bosc Monitor Lizard due to me being unable to give him the attention he deserves, due to work commitments I am unable to get him out as often as I would like, I tamed him myself and have never bitten and he is extremely tame even towards...
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    Hi all i have a 2011 baby bosc monitor lizard for sale. Reason for sale change in the misses circumstances reluctant sale. Loves going in the bath and soaking. Eating brill on locust, crickets, mini meal worms, and chicken anything whats in front off it really. Very viv aggressive but...
  13. Snakes
    Hi I was just wondering how can you tame a bosc monitor lizard because i have one and it is quite snappy and likes to whip its tale when u go in to his viv thanks
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    Unfortunately due to change in circumstances my husband is selling his 2 Bosc monitor Lizards. 1 Male and 1 female. They are approx 18 months old and 18 inches long. Of very good temprement, eat well and are very alert. They have been brought up with children and other pets. To be sold with...
  15. Lizards
    Hi people, Im new to these forums and am looking for any suggestions/criticsisms in how to make the life of Spike happier and better for him. Spike is a bosc monitor which is about 10 months old and is about 15 inches long. He is very shy, he rarely comes out and when he does he will run away...
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    hi guys got a lovely looking bosc had him bout 4 months hes captive breed and around 14" he comes with beach viv 2 hides food water bowl plants bogwood an substrate. hes geting friendlier but only ever picked him up few times. pics can be provided
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    Has any body got a baby Bosc monitor in the north east england area .... i am very intrested and if wiv viv i am up for paying more . thanks for veiwing and please read and reply.:blush:
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    hii have jus got a bosc monitor lizard he is 5 years old and 3.5/4 ft long, i think he is fully grown he is quite big, with him i got his 6ft long viv by 2.5/3ft deep i personly think its a bit small for him, he doesnt do a lot and i think he is a bit fat can u tell me how much he should be...
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    Im listing this for my friend Jimmy,he has an 8 inch bosc monitor for sale £40 or will swap for a smaller lizard or frogs,very tame,has been hand fed, eats like a dust bin he just hasnt got the time to spend with it you can contact him on 07918657608 make him an offer
1-19 of 19 Results