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    Hi guys/girls, been keeping my eye on stuff in the forum trying to gather as much information as possible on these little guys. I found this care sheet '' which helped for most things.. Now ive always...
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    Hi all, Eee ! Finally released my baby Bosc, Tiny, into both sides of her bio-active viv She's been tearing around sucking up all the smells (and digging up half the tank hunting CUC) for the last hour. This is my first bioactive Viv, and being a part-arid, part-forest Viv, I know I'm...
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    Captive Farmed 2017 Bosc Monitors. Available now from Manchester Pets and Aquatics! 66 Stockport Road, Manchester M12 6AL 0161 273 5447
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    Hey guys and gals! I've been looking for quite a while now for a new buddy to add to my family! And I love the look of black tree Monitors and bosc monitors, Before you say anything, I would just to say, I know they they demand time and effort, This is fine because I work from home, I know that...
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    Iv have a baby Bosc and hes in a 3x18x18 tank at the min hes about 10" from head to tail. I know he will out grown this take quite quickly, so Is there a size limit to put the baby Bosc in now? Im ideal looking to put him in a 6x3x3 but should i wait or can i put him in a tank this size now, iv...
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    HI Everyone. I'm new to the forum so please be kind : victory:. iv been toying with getting a bosc for a couple of years now as I needed to make sure I was able to keep one and keep it alive. So after keeping a beardy, a couple of green Anoles and a western hog nose sname. And getting a bit of...
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    Juvenile Male Bosc for sale Selling as don't have the time for him anymore About 2ft long Smashing chicks, mice, eggs ect Has a Bosc attitude, hissy and whips but this can be worked on with some time. Asking for £40 Contact us: Email: [email protected] Kim: 07969590108 Amber...
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    Hi I'm new to thermostats I have a habistat dimming thermostat I need to setup in a Bosc monitors enclosure I have a 150w basking bulb I will be controlling with the thermostat I'm not sure how to set it up I'm looking for a basking spot of about 130-140 degrees F so where do I place the probe...
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    Hi just not sure on what calcium to use for a Bosc monitor? And how many times and on what should I be using it? Also do Bosc monitor need any other things like minerals or vitamins or any other supplements or anything else I should be giving? and if so when should I be using that? And what are...
  10. Newbie Advice
    Hi.. I am getting a baby Bosc monitor and I'm so confused on what is needed etc. For the set up.. Any help/advice would be very appreciated thanks!!
  11. Newbie Advice
    Hello, I'm soon to be taking in a new baby bosc monitor , I have got myself a nice set up with a 3X2X2 tank. Now I've been reading up on a few places to get the best idea for the best care for the little one. I see that a large selection of people usually set up 2 - 3 40 - 60 watt bulbs for the...
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    Female Bosc monitor for sale. She is approximately 2 to 3 years old and is about 2.5ft in length. She is super tame and loves being out of the viv and handled. She also enjoys a shower! A good knowledgeable home wanted.
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    Bosc free to good home, believed to be male aged between 2-3 years old, all toes still there no problems with feeding or pooing, no burns ect, re homing due to changes in circumstances ***128546; must go asap
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    he is now about 17 mnths old, but as I have not him from a hatchling I do not know for sure. He is now 2 ft long tip to tip and loves cuddles:flrt:
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    so my gorgeous bosc Razzle seems to be doing great. He is even getting to like my hubby a bit now. I have not had since hatchling but would guess he is about 17 months old now. He measures 2 ft from nose tip to tail tip and I was just wondering how much I should be feeding him. I don't want to...
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    Hey guys, my savannah monitor hasn't pooped in a while until yesterday. I used to use a paper towel as a substrate as i thought it was ok as the guy who sold it to me and one of my buddies who has a monitor used it. i now changed my subsrate to eco earth. I pour a cup of water into it twice a...
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    Hi there I have a vivarium that I'm setting up for a Bosc monitor and wanted some advice I have a heat lampRed basking bulb 60w and a heat Mat and uv in the vivarium but wanted to know for the heat lamp should I get a habistat thermostat dimming for the heat lamp and what temperature should I...
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    I have for sale due to house move and am un able to take pets a 2 year old bosc can be handled easily comes with viv exotic viv habistat thermostat uv lighting day n night time heat source and all accesorise very nice set up in mint condition ....message me for info and pics
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    near Romford essex
  20. Newbie Advice
    Sorry another question! My Bosc monitor always poos in the same place,is there any reason I cannot put a shallow tray of cat litter in that position,level with the sand,so it easily removable and destroys odours?
1-20 of 366 Results