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  1. Lizards
    I'm going to be making a start on the adult viv shortly and as it's going in my lounge I want it to look like a nice feature and not just a box of dirt any photos of monitor vivs would be appreciated
  2. Lizards
    Hi people I started making a viv about 4 weeks ago to house a baby bosc so I just thought Id post a few pics. I still need to make a few hides which im currently doing, install the glass, add decoration and add a few bits and pieces but so far so good. Nothings fell apart anyway :lol2: Let...
  3. Lizards
    Has anyone ever had these in their bosc viv? I assuming it's one of the two, but they are teeny little flying things about the size of a pinhead. They are not around him, but they are in the viv. Apart from doing a full substrate clean out, which I didn't want to do yet as it hasn't been in...
  4. Habitat
    looking for a 6ft*3ft*3ft viv, i live in the highlands of scotland so postage may be an issue but does anyone know of anyone who would be able to make one for me, or any good websites that will send it all the way up here. found a couple of websites but postage is way to much (£90). if i cant...
  5. Habitat
    as the title reads
  6. Habitat
    I posted on the M&T thread this morning but had no answer so ill try my luck here im in the middle ov building a 7x3x3 viv my my little fella George the bosc and need to no where is the best position for the 4 foot tube heater either,i no it needs to go over more towards the hot end bu how high...
  7. Habitat
    Im in the process of planning to build my bosc a new bigger viv, can some people post pics of their bosc setups please? Cheers
  8. Habitat
    so ive got a baby bosc ive had him almost a year and now hes big enough for his big viv but its 6x3x3 foot and im totally baffeled on how to fill it. Ive got his exo terra cave, his xlarge exo terra bowl, a large hubba hut, couple bits of wood but his viv looks stupidly huge. My bosc is only...
  9. Lizards
    I'm asking for a friend ov mine he is looking into getting a baby bosc but he has only got room for a 5 foot max viv so he would like to no if a vivexotic ex55 be ok (55x23wx27t)with it being quite tall he is going to add loads ov differant hieght ledges ect for extra space
  10. Habitat
    Hi guys I thought I'd post a rolling thread on a viv I've started to build for my Bosc, Billy. This was his second viv (original was a 3x2x2 - I haven't got any pics of this) this one was 4x2.5x2.5...(bottom viv) This is the inside.... I admit this wasn't the nicest of vivs to look at...
  11. Habitat
    Hi, im wanting to build my own bosc viv, it will be about 6x2x2ft and i would like to see some of yours thanks :)
  12. Lizards
    is an 8ft by 3ft by 3ft viv any good for a bosc monitor ??
  13. Lizards
    hi this is my bosc viv although he is only baby and never leaves his hide. what do you guys think ??? he has the heat lamp for basking and there are also heat mats in there aswell just under the sand
  14. Habitat Pictures
    Just thought I'd share some pictures of my Boscs viv update...... All thanks to the o/h really she did most of the work but I think it looks great like a proper piece of furniture!! We wrapped it in chocolate vinyl to match other bits of furniture, much easier than re-painting and sanding...
  15. Habitat Pictures
    My OH has been busy making a 6ft3 viv out of a wardrobe carcass.First it was sealed then waterproofed with pond stuff then electrics etc.We will extend it eventually when he gets bigger he is 16inches atm. beardie viv,just needs 2nd level in next The vivs together Bob enjoying his new viv
  16. Lizards
    what do you think to this viv for a bosc? its floor space is 8ftx3ft height is 3ft
  17. Lizards
    hi everyone.. just putting this post up im starting my first viv nxt week iv planned it all out and got the wood.. ill get sum pics up soon as.. but i was jus wondering if anyone had a bosc monitor in a custom built viv jus so that i could look at few pics for ideas on the inside lol..? and i...
  18. Lizards
    :welcome: Hi guys, Im going to be building a large enclosure (viv) for my bosc and Im unsure really how to go about it ive got a little idea of what i would like to do, but Id like to hear from others that have monitors. I know the size requirments they need as adults this is not a problem. I...
1-18 of 18 Results