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bosc vivarium

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    Hi all, may not be soon (depending on price) but I'm looking to get a 6x3x3 possibly bigger throw some offers out and will get back to you :)
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    Hey, so I have 2 Boscs, one's 3ft and one's 2.5ft. They are currently in a home built viv that's 8ft X 3 ft X 3ft and it's not got enough height for deep substrate IMO. It's underneath the Iggs viv and as he's entering his first Breeding season, he's grumpy and scratching at the floor/roof and...
  3. Lizards
    The bosc has grown a bit too big for his current set up, so I'm currently designing a new one to fit under the stairs. Any pictures of set ups people have their adult boscs in would be much appreciated, as the viv is easy enough to build, but not sure what to include as decor. Been thinking...
  4. Habitat
    Finally got round to building my bosc's new viv. Its 6x4x4.5, I've made sure there is plenty of space for a deep substrate so she can dig and burrow. I'm adding in multiple shelves so she can make use of the height as she does like to climb too. Here's the first stage of construction! I'l add...