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    Lots of reptile bowls Used but in good condition Exo terra large bowl £4.50 Medium round bowl £3.00 Exo terra small bowls x2 £2.50 each Small round bowl £1.00 Collection Minster on Sea
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    Load of reptile decor for sale. Collection from Grimsbury side of Banbury.
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    Hi For sale, a range of excellent kit for new and expanding rep breeders/collectors :no1: Ikea PAX Rack, Includes: + Habistat Pulse Stat + Each shelf features a Pro Rep heat mat (2 sizes of mat as pictured) + 8 x new extra shelves (enough for an identical rack. Only outer wardrobe required) +...
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    Few bits for sale; First up, large arboreal viv. Was built for an iguana, I was going to use for adult carpet python but couldn't get it in the house so was just stored. Since given up the reptiles so it needs to go.. It has been professionally cut in half so can be moved as two pieces then put...
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    I have a few bits for sale - would prefer collection in and around Southampton/Portsmouth area or postage is at buyers cost. Payment by paypal gift or cash on collection. The bits that are coloured in blue have been F10'd but will need a bit of a scrub to get watermarks/eco earth marks off them...
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    Various Bits for Sale, Collection East Tilbury Exo terra Cactus - £2 each Small Skull £1, rock/cave type thing £1 each Large Bark (approx 80cmx30cm) £10 8x8x16" custom aquaria tank £8 Exo Terra x-large water bowl x 2 £6 each Exo Terra Small Water Bowl -x2 £2 each Exo Terra Medium snake cave £6...
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    Hi Various for sale, cash on collection from East Tilbury Essex. Please PM me for quickest response. Exo terra Cactus - £3 each Small Skull £1, rock/cave type thing £3 Large Bark (approx 80cmx30cm) £10 8x8x16" custom aquaria tank £10 (welcome to leave the surround I built) Exo Terra...
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    1 x 4ftL x 18"D x 2ft Vivarium wood, Chameleon Set Up, UV Starter, UV, Bulb Fitting (bayonet), Plants, Wood for Climbing, everything you need except water sprayer. 2 x water bowls, £35, The back chipboard does have water damage, easily replaced with a piece from B&Q. everything full working...
  9. Equipment Classifieds
    For sale .. 8x medium exo terra caves , 2x medium reptile basics hides , 4x 5-inch mason cash ceramic bowls , 3x digital plug in timers , 3x digital thermometers (lucky reptile ones i think) £30 for the lot , collection only thanks ..
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    Lots of creepy styling to add to your vivs this month! :) All available through the website with free UK delivery! Freestanding graveyard complete with crypt hide and water/food bowl: Freestanding Zombie Head graveyard with food/water bowl...
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    Job lot of food / water bowls. 1 large Exoterra bowl, 1 medium Exoterra bowl, 1 flat small Exoterra bowl, 6 small Exoterra bowls and 12 other various bowls, 21 items all together.
  12. Habitat
    We are pleased to announce that Big Yellow Gecko will be attending the IHS Doncaster reptile show on Sunday. We will be bringing a large selection of braplas boxes (1.3 ltr and 3 ltr), and ceramic bowls and glass bowls. Pre orders can be made either email [email protected] or private...
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    I sold up my snakes about 2 years ago, never sold all the equipment and now my house has sold need to shift the remainder..... Hides and foliage.... 2 x 'small' exo terra hides - £3 each 9 x 'medium' exo terra hides - £4 each 1 x 'large exo terra hides - £5 1 x massive bag of plastic plants -...
  14. Equipment Classifieds
    25 plastic bowls and one small kidney dish bowl £1.00 each or all for £20 4ft 5.0uv(not any older than 2 months) bulb and starter £20 Prorep 23"x11" heatmatt £15 18"x18"x23" incubator with 150w ceramic and 600w pulse proportionate themostat £100
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    For sale Vivarium bits and pieces, all have been used but have been in storage for +6 months. all the wood come from a reptile shop so are safe. collection only Bolton, Lancashire. will take £25 pound for the lot Coconut hut x3 - £1 each coconut pieces x 4 - £1.50 for the lot Paranut Pods...
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    We have a number of bits that we are looking to sell may accept less than stated prices, make me an offer I CAN POST ITEMS BUT WILL NEED TO ADD POSTAGE COSTS A Small Grey MagNatural hide £10 (will add pics) Exo Terra Rock Outcrop £10 collection (As in the picture below will try upload...
  17. Newbie Advice
    I've more or less decided to make a magnetic ledge for my crestie's food bowl, I just wondered where others on this site place their crestie's bowls.
  18. Equipment Classifieds
    Equipment for sale 1 x NEW Microclimate heat mat (10"x12") 1 x Microclimate heat mat (22.5"x12") 1 x Ultratherm heat mat (410mmx274mm) 1 x exoterra bowl (small) 2 x exoterra bowl (xl) 1 x tree 1 x rock effect hide Ideally all sold together for £20. Can post for extra and will sell separately...
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    wanted: incubator tank accessories (bowls, hides, plants, bark ect) tank rack/stack thermostats heat mats exo terra suitable for gargoyle
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    Hi I have various bits and bobs for sale, all prices include p&p: Exo Terra Large Hide Cave x 2- £6 (please specify which colour) Medium Exo Terra Hide Cave - £4.50 Large Flat Exo Terra feeding dish/bowl - £6 3 x Mason Cash Bowls: 1. 7" £4.50 2. 5" £3.80 3. 3.5" £2.80 and 4. 2.5"...
1-20 of 44 Results