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    For sale 1pr of Brazilian Rainbow Boas £200 the pr,these are 5yrs old unrelated great snakes never miss a feed and always perfect sheds,reluctant sale having to move reptile shed in garage to make way for camper van. pickup only.
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    Cb 15 Brazilian rainbow boas. Feeding well. Can be a little snappy as babies but tend to grow out of it. May consider swaps. £60 each.
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    Brb's feeding well on fluffs and rat pups. Really bright babies. Contact Dave by pm or tel. 07935729117
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    Born in July, I have one pair left of these Brazilian Rainbow Boas , £110 the pair , NO TIMEWASTERS PLEASE
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    my two girls chilling in their humid hide :)
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    did a trade for these two girls today, they are a gorgeous pair! the first one is a good size at around 5-5.5ft and a nice fairly high orange example with a lovely temperament too. next up the bigger of the two, a good 6ft and very solid with it! again....she has a lovely temperament...
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    When are the next few reptile shows in or around UK? (dates, times and prices) Only really interested in seeing/buying Royals, BRBs, Water monitors, Chameleons and Venomous.
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    hi my brbs are up for sale! i was going to breed them! but i want to stick to royals now! so here they are!! this is the male this is the small female this is the other female in shed, all eat well on mice and rats! and are handled alot! £300 for all! cheap as chips
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    Any1 planning on breeding Common Boas, And Brazillian Rainbow Boas in 2011?
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    Well marked babies £130 a pair, PM or phone 07777 606600 if interested
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    We have a male and female pair of Brazilian Rainbow Boas for sale in Hainault, Essex. They were born at the beginning of November 2009 and are our most attractive and largest pair. We have lowered the price to £160 for the pair as our adults are breeding again and we simply don't have the...
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    We now only have three female baby Brazilian Rainbow Boas left for sale. They were born in October and are all great feeders, beautiful colours and very docile. Please have a look at the photos of them on my profile (I can't attach photos to this ad for some reason). They are going for £70...
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    I was researching brazilian rainbow boas and saw that they need a humidity level of 70-80% and i was wondering can humidity lovin snakes such as BRBs get scale rot from moistuire on its underbelly. Also when misting down enclosures do you wet the ground or just walls and stuff. Cheers:2thumb:
1-14 of 15 Results