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bredl's pythons
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    Afternoon Guys and Girls, I have for sale a stunning pair of Bredls due to me concentrating on my retics, male and female both 07's, 100% puppy dog tame, excellent to handle. both eating med rats, shedding and pooing without any problems, ideal snakes for someone looking at going into...
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    Hi guys, Here's some pics of my new little baby! Her name's Moloch and is extremely calm for a "Carpet" of her size, good appetite too! Hope you like!
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    Hi guys, Just got a new Bredl's Python! She's really tiny and showing no signs of aggression at the moment which I was quite surprised at. I'm having real trouble with naming this little guy, any suggestions? I've been toying with calling her Legion or maybe Unicron but neither name seems to...
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    i have for sale an unrelated pair of 08 bredl's python for £250. i would like to sell as a pair.however if i have 2 people are willing to put deposits down on an individual snake then i will split them. this pair have never missed a feed and shed 100% complete and perfect everytime. i have...
1-4 of 4 Results