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    For sale is my beautiful boy Bob. He's a perfect specimen of an albino burm, really is a handsome chap. He's just over 10ft long. Eating rabbits. Doesn't shed in one piece but doesn't have problems otherwise. Never had any health issues. Very reluctant scale but having to downsize. Will...
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    okay so these are a pair of proven breeders i they are cb10 weighing at 1.4kg each, they are ready to breed again, and are on defrost small - medium rats.
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    Hi there, I'm looking to sell my Phantom Pinstripe for a Banana of some kind, the phantom pinstripe was bred by Ralph Davis. My phantom pinstripe is scale perfect and is a stunning example of a phantom pin, he is over 500g and is producing sperm plugs. Open to offers
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    Not selling the collection, been off the forum for a couple of months and it seems everyone with royals is jumping ship! We still love them all dearly, just moving the kept back norms on for the sake of the growing morphs..... Excuse the rubbish pics, was cleaning them all out and taking the...
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    Adult double gene female Royals priced to sell CB10 Adult female Pewter 2000+g £850 ono (in shed) CB10 Adult female Lemonblast 1800g+ £850 ono Both feeding aggressively on defrost rats, and ready to breed. Will do a good deal if both are bought together. Any questions feel free to pm me.
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    For Sale Cb11 Female Lemonblast 1800g+ £1200 O.N.O Cb10 Female Pewter 2000g+ £1200 O.N.O £2000 for both. Ready to breed now. Feel free to PM me. Thanks.
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    2007 Female Jampea - Great temp - Great health. Need her gone quick so regrettably: Only £450
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    Great temp - Great health - Awesome looking animal! Need him gone quick so regrettably: Only £499
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    £80. Or £100 with 33lt RUB, Water Bowl & Cork Bark. Last weighed 863g on 9/8/13, so will be 900g+ now. Doing everything as he should. Feeding on DF Small Rats. Pics available on request. Please Pm me and I will get back to you. Matt.
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    I Have The Following Pair Of Proven Boas For Sale. I Will Do A Great Deal For Anyone That Buys Both Of These Beauties. Just PM For Details. 2006 Proven Female Pastel - £200.00 This beautiful light coloured female pastel was proven in The 2010/2011 season and has not been paired up since, so...
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    For sale is my Adult Vanilla Cream Male, he is a 2011 and 906g full. He is absolutely stunning, one of the best Vanilla Creams I have seen :mf_dribble: Smashes frozen thawed rats weekly Bred by Scott Wilkinson from Captive Bred He is more than ready to breed to your females as he has locked...
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    Now my breeding season is over I have a male spider for sale. performed well with the ladies this year with loads of locks. hopefully I will have proved him out this year. does all that he should. currently off his food but he'll be back devouring weaners soon. has a wobble when he's excited but...
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    Gorgeous Breedable 2007 Female Salmon Pastel. I need to make some space for some recent acquisitions so have decided to let this gorgeous girl go. She is roughly 7ft, feeding on an X.Large rat monthly and would be excellent for a late breeding this season as I have not paired her up due to a...
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    Kahl Line Boas For Sale. All Will Be Easily Ready To Breed Next Season. 2010 Male Kahl Sunglow - £500 (Came from Urban Boa) cost me £450 as a baby. 2009 Male Poss Triple het Moonglow - £375 (Hypo 100% het Kahl 50% het Anery) ... 2009 Female Poss Triple het Moonglow - £400 (Hypo 100% het Kahl...
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    For Sale...My Breedable adult royals,all unproven as i was hoping to breed them this year. All slowly grown and are fantastic eaters all on defrost rats. Males 08 Normal with an 'interesting' reduced pattern...955g....£120 09 Spider het orange ghost..'has a major head wobble'...1.160g....£350...
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    Looking for Normal Female Royals over 1.5kg. Cash Waiting or have a few Hognoses could swap. Can collect within a reasonable distance. Pm me with any you have for sale.
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    2009 Male Ghost - £300.00 This Beautiful Boy Is Now Surplus To Requirements As We Have Another Two Male Ghosts. Collection Is From Morecambe, Lancashire Or I Am Prepared To courier At The Buyers Cost And Arrangement.
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    Female normal royal python Sheds poos and smashes food every Sunday Selling due to getting morph females 1.8kg and growing! Ready to breed this season. Offers or trades within reason
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    Due to money problems I am selling my CB10 male Proven Breeder Pinstripe. He is great to handle and just came out of shed last night. Strike feeds on rats normally once a week. He is around 800 grams. I shall put a picture of him up tonight. This is a quick sale so someone can really pick up...
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    Eating, pooing and sheding fine. Weight - around 1600g Was going to use as a backup male but others have starting locking already so looking to sell £300
1-20 of 62 Results