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breeding corn snakes
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    My snakes have been through brumation and are back to normal temperatures. The male shed last night ( 16/3/14 ) and the female shed a few weeks ago. Tonight, I have put them together for the first time and they haven't locked yet but have showed interest in each other and the female is 5ft 5 and...
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    Literally the day after I put my temps back up from brumation for my corn snakes, my female shed. Is this normal or was this her pre natal shed? I'm kinda worried that I've missed the chance to put the male in and she has stopped ovulating :bash: Thanks for any help
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    I'm breeding my corn snakes this year and I'm expecting a lot of eggs (the female is over 700g and 5ft 5 in length). I love in Northern Ireland and i don't know what to expect: Should I expect a high demand in corn snake hatchlings from shops etc, or should I not expect too much? I am in a...
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    Male Corn Snake Vivexotic VX36 Vivarium Climbing Branch Climbing Rope Plants Hide Heat Lamp and Fixture Lamp Guard Male Corn Snake Approx 5 1/2 Years Old Very Tame Eats Well Proven Breeder He is The Darker Snake in The Photo Female Corn Snake Vivexotic VX36 Vivarium Climbing Canes Plants...
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    Selling my cb08 breeders, male is a lovely amel and female is a normal. Both feed every week on ex-lge mice and shed and shit fine!!! Only asking £60
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    Normal cb08 breeding pair with set up but will need seperating. Eats sheds and poos fine, great temperment. viv is only a month old (3ft) includes 2 hides large exo terra water bowl and plant also a heatmat Looking for quick sale. Will consider offers.
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    I am selling my breeding pair of corns snakes as i have no future use for them, apart from pets so thought someone else could make better use of them. The Female is a Ghost het Amel, Male is an Oketee het Amel & Anery. Together, they produced a clutch of 20 eggs for me this year, with no slugs...
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    A pair of '08 breeding corns; caramel female, sunglow male. Recently proved themselves this year. Both eat, poop, and shed well. Very good temperaments. £80 for the pair, no offers, need them gone by Monday
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    Due to circumstances i find my self in i am now selling my 4yr old corn breeding group plus vivariums/habistats/heat pads/furniture/2 faunariams/1 terrariam/ Herp nursery 11 incubator- loads of extras Female normal corn 4yr old - 2 clutches of 20-25 eggs previous 2 years . Female motley snow...
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    how old, long and heavy should my corn snakes need to be for breeding ? many thanks jordon
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    Breeding pair of corn snakes for sale, Both normal phase and 3 years old. They have had 3 clutches together so far with 100% hatch rate. They are friendly and can be handled, Eating weaner rats once a week and shedding with no problems. I am asking £50 for the pair or £80 including 3ft Vivarium.
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    Hi All I am thinking about breeding my adult carolina corn snake. He is 5 years old, and when he has healed properly from his surgery (ill give it a good few months), I am really thinking of breeding him. My Gran has all the incubator equiptment as she used to breed tortoises, so here I have a...
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    i have a breeding pair of corns for sale, male silver/white female dark orange would sell snakes with out viv if wanted the viv is black ash and only a year old
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    I'm picking up a pair of corn snakes over the weekend and possibly thinking about breeding them.Well thinking about breeding the female with a male i already have. This is going to be my first breeding project so i want to get as much information as i can and have looked over the forums. I was...
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    im going to breed my corn snakes in november (dont tell me its the wrong time as i am aware and im gunnu try breeding them with out hibernation so plz dont tell me) my male corn snake is 18 months 306g over 3 feet long my female corn snake is 2 years old nearly 4 feet long and over 300g (cant...
1-15 of 15 Results