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breeding corns
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    male amel, female snow 6 years old also have 3 baby amels left for £10 each
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    My brothers mated his corn snakes, lovely looking lavender pin stripes, however the female layed eggs more than 30 days ago, is this a sign the eggs are bad??
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    Adults female motley het amel stripe proven £50 female normal het amel blood charcole proven £55 male ultramel anery £55 male anery lavender possible het amel stripe £45 female candy cane proven £55 female snow het lavender proven £50 yearling male snow stripe possible het lavender £40...
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    cb 08 proven female lavender corn about three and a half foot long cb 08 proven male snow corn about five foot long. Breed for first time last year had a clutch of 12. 4 foot viv exotic vivarium. Heat mat, lighting, hide, water bowl. £200 ono. Will possibly separate
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    hoping to find some advice. we have two corns, we have one fully grown 5ft normal female corn and a younger 2ft male and we were hoping to home them together in one viv. is there any advice about homing snakes of different ages. both are tame, and we try to get them out of the viv at the same...
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    i have a breeding pair of corns male is amel female is anery bred this year laying 19eggs. both great to handle and both feed well on rats weaners mice and chicks. come with 3ft wooded viv setup heat bulb guard and stat. asking £130 the lot ono. cheers taff pics starting with the male...
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    I have a group of corns together 2 males and 2 females. I've noticed that my new probed male has been "bothering" my other probed male. I've not seen him try to lock or anything but I checked on them today and I found what looked like a sperm plug on one of my first male. Has anyone else had...
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    reluctant sale but i'm on a 'one in, one out' deal with my OH and i want to concentrate on my boas :blush: CB08 Dumerils boa, probed as male, eats, sheds and poops, CITES A10 present, will not go in a big enclosure - currently in a 9L RUB CB07 pair of corns, male is hypo het amel and stripe...
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    need a quick sale breeding pair of corn both very tame had a clutch of eggs this yr make whitish/ silver female a dark orange mess for more details
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    HI ALL Man ive not been on here for months! busy busy busy haha Anyway I'm thinking of breeding my corn but ive got a couple of reservations: A) i dont know the gender of Kellogs (my corn) and i dont like the idea of "popping" B) what equipment do I need (apart from another corn)...
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    breeding pair of corns - sussex (brighton) hi i am looking to swap my breeding pair of corns for either a python or a boa or maybe some sort of lizard / lizards, the candy cane is male very tame likes to explore the viv alot and likes to be handled. the snow is the female shes tends to not...
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    A proven breeding pair of cornsnakes. Female is a Carolina 05 feeding well and the male is Anery 04 also feeding well. My photo shows them both coiled together happily. They feed on defrost jumbo mice or weaner rats. They are both fine with handling and havent bitten. selling as wanting to...
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    hi i was just wondering when should i and how do i go about brumating / hibernating my male and female corn as i really dont have a clue how to go about it what i need to no is 1. when should i stop feeding them 2. what size tube do they need to be in (ino they need to be in separate tubs) 3...
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    Hey, I would like to sell my 2 breeding corn snakes, then male is a pink snow corn, and the female is a Cider corn, im selling the 4ft Vivarium with them which is already set up with them as it has there water bowl and lights, heat mat, Ect..... They are freindly and like to be handled, So...
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    I'm looking for a breeding pair of corns, i'm not too worried about morphs. Must both be tame and within 50 miles of Southampton. Any help and suggestions please pm me
1-15 of 15 Results