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  1. Breeding
    anybody help. been researching all day on what to breed this guy with to make some cool morphs. have been wanting to breed boas since i was in the army. please help
  2. Breeding
    So I'm seriously thinking of starting breeding snakes, I already know a breeder that can help me out with this and I already have a snake. I was just wondering, I have a cape house snake (But it needs sexing) which I could get a mate for.. Or should I get two corns to breed? I know both are the...
  3. Breeding
    Hi this will be my first season for breeding my royals. ive been reading up for the last 2 years while my snakes have been growing lol Ive been lowering my temps for 14hrs at night and 2 nights the first time ive paired my 2 snakes up. ive not seen any locks yet but im not expecting to on ther...
  4. Breeding
    first one layed in incubation ive checked the female she has 2 but i cant find the other one i dont want to crush one what shall i do ;O?
  5. Breeding
    i have a 3 1/2 month old male yellow bellied slider and i want to breed him. how old will he have to be and how old would the female have to be? also what would i need to breed them (extra heaters etc.)?
  6. Breeding
    hello i am wanting to know what i need to do to make a yemen chameleon egg incubator as i have the poly box i need to know if you need any holes in the boc ect. can anyone help please
  7. Breeding
    Hey im doing some breeding research for all general snakes and i was just woundering if anyone has any info they could share with me, or any website links they could send me so i could check it out. so if anyone has info on say, corn, Carpets, Burmese, milks, retics and boas. these are mainly...
  8. Shelled - Turtles & Tortoise
    Hi, i have a male and female pair of russian tortoises, they are c.b 07's and i just picked up the male and female and the male seemed to ejaculate on me, it was definately not a wee as i have seen them before, it was more of a whiteish soppy liquid like semen, disturbing topic maybe, but need...
  9. Lizards
    Hello and thanks in advance for reading and helping (if you do), Right, basically i am planning on breeding my own bearded dragons, i am in the process of looking for a female and also have been checking out egg incubators, i know most of you will say *build your own* but i hate diy and i am...
  10. Breeding
    hi all, im inresting in buying a mateing pair of herman tortoises but dont know what age they have to be to do this? could any body give me any help on this and any tips on making them feel relaxed and comftable to do this.
1-10 of 10 Results