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    I made this rodent rack a few months ago and I am now moving to Canada, so I need to pass it on. I currently have multis in the left and mice in the right. The left would be better suited for rats (which is what I built it for) as the small multis get out and multis chew more than rats, so I...
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    This is a good breeding rack for rats and mice It is auto feed and auto drink so you just fill the bucket up once a week £60 if collected this week as need the room 07585605560 Collect from Southampton
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    Rodent rack I was using this for rats and mice with great success It comes as the pictures show Comes with Water bottles Need gone ASAP hence the low price More information please call me 07585605560 Collection from Southampton
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    I am selling one of my NKP Rodent breeding racks due to downsizing in breeding. Great condition.
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    MOUSE RACK 33 tubs with auto watering system Made from 1.5" x 1" wood and measures 67" high x 14" deep x 44" wide Boxes are 7" wide x 4" high x 11.5" long RAT RACK 32 tubs with auto watering system 70" high x 18" deep x 50" wide Boxes are 11" wide x 4" high x 16" long and are Wilko cat litter...
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    Brand new custom made breeding rack. Accommodates 12 33litre tubs but can possibly accommodate different rubs. The structure has been constructed by prepared Mdf and has been battoned structure to make it very strong. Mdf retains heat well to create a good ambient temp. The structure has been...
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    Here we have my snake rack that holds 8 tubs, Every level is heated at the rear with heat cable, does the job perfectly. I have used this as a tempory measure for the past 12 months and has kept my corn snakes in perfect health. Its ideal for all size corn snakes upto adult, easy to clean and...
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    For £120 (WITHOUT RUBS), rack includes Heat strips, which are all 78x15cm (22W) and fit the rack perfectly, and a 600W Habistat pulse stat. Heat strips are fixed down so can't be sold separately. I will sell the rack WITH RUBs (and stat and heat strips) for £180. I'll even throw in a free...
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    Rodent Breeding Rack for sale This Rodent rack can be used to breed all types of rodents (Rats, Mice etc.) Sizes Rack Rack height > 120cm (Without top 2 levels) Rack width > 103cm Rack length > 203cm Containers Container Height > 20cm Container width > 60cm Container length > 80cm...
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    Mice Breeding rack for sale. 64 tubs with water bottles. Each tub can hold a trio of breeding mice. This rack has been used but is still in really good condition. The rack is on wheels so is easily movable. £350 or nearest offer. If you have any questions please pm or call on 07588767577
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    Hi everyone, I'm going to purchase some new royals next month and am going to make or purchase a rack rather than separate vivs like my other animals have. I'm planning on breeding but really don't want to shell out on an expensive rack to house 4 -8 royals. I'm quite DIY but could do with...
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    i am looking for rodent breeding cages or racks. i am breeding plenty of rats but im looking to expand, the problem is the racks and cages are so expensive! if anyone has any new or used cages or racks let me know! i will entertain any serious offers.
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    We have a 15 cage rack for sale, that is in used condition. We got this from pro-racks as used, about 3 years ago and they are still up to the job. We housed multimammates in these, but they would often escape, so they are probably not best in them. We will ensure everything is cleaned before...
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    have got a 3 tier mouse rack with breeding mice already in for sale. have down sized my snake collection and no longer need. comes with water bottles and about 50 mice. real bargin for someone to get started looking like this, was build by...
  15. Snakes
    Hi folks i wont beat around the bush, looking for ideas and too be nosy can i see pics of other peoples racks.
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    My breeding rack is now surplus to requirements as I'm breeding Cresties exclusively nowadays and they simply don't need the same amount of heating. The rack has the following approximate dimensions Overall: Height: 1.8 metres Width: 1.04 metres Depth 0.42 metres Left side rack...
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    this is my last rack left for sale.. holds 5x32l rubs,all with self watering system fitted,mesh tops so food can be placed on for feeding,used this for weened mice from larger racks which have now sold and this is no longer needed.this is for the rack only,no mice included.. measures...
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    Hi, ive got a rub rack for sale, its melamine and holds 6x50lt really usefull rubs. 6x rubs included that have circle holes added covered with mesh for circulation. its in used condition, can be taken down and put in a car. doesn't come with stat or mats. any questions pm me and ill get back to...
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    i have a mouse rack for sale pictures here missing a couple of boxes, but these are standard ones avaliable at most stores that sell boxes.: victory: Works great for breeding mice, large boxes too. Open to offers
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    consists of 6 30L tubs with water bottles basically the same as the one i made i little while ago and posted it could have 1.3 mice per tub and make your own mind up with gerbils/hamster/rats if wanted for mice could include some to start breeding with could be used as a small snake rack if...
1-20 of 20 Results