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breeding retics
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    Soon to be getting a lovely triple gene male Retic (dwarf), hes a Sunfire, genetic stripe, het albino. Hes only a wee one, this years baby, so im looking at prices and different morphs of females that will produce good offspring with him at a later stage. Sadly I'm learning as I go with the...
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    For sale due to downsizing, proven pair, last bred around 10 months ago so ready to go again shortly once settled in their new home. Feeding shedding and doing everything as they should Male around 6ft Female around 7-8ft For any more info or pictures email me at [email protected]
  3. Snakes
    I have put my adult Retics together to breed the female is cruising the viv tongue flicking, huffing and her bits r hanging out and the male is just sat in the corner not moving, is she wanting to mate or is she not ready? And is the male not interested? An info would be great.
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    i have for sale a female caramel albino retic and a male super tiger het caramel both are 2009 im looking for £4000 for these which is a great price if they go before xmas ill accept decent offers, as i need the cash for other things asap i have alot of pix of these from when they where only a...
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    Pair Of Adult Purple Reticulated Pythons Hey All, Im posting this on behalf of a friend. I will be dealing with the sale on the website and passing on the details to him. Just some quick words, they are based in Ireland. He is willing to have them brought to the UK but it must be dealt with...
1-5 of 5 Results