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  1. Equipment Classifieds
    Hey guys a few Broms for sale, collection can be arranged from North or South East London, if shipping is preferred please add £3.20 for Royal Mail 1st class. Don't forget to switch video to HD for a better viewing. Nereogelia Zoe - 13 / (£6)
  2. Habitat
    I was planting up some bogwood this afternoon ad got wondering if there's a market for this type of thing fully planted? I could make small ones or big ones! This one is 3kg of wood with 1x devils ivy, 2 mosses and 4 bromilliad pups! Would love some opinions! Cheers! Josh
  3. Habitat
    Had my first go at mounting two little broms I removed from main plant 4 weeks ago! I'm quite happy with how they look! I am interested in doing a lot more and getting much better but I was wondering what type of market there is? I'd love some advice/feedback/critasisum! Josh!
  4. Amphibian Classifieds
    Hey everybody For orders over £30 shipping is inclusive, anything below please add £3.65 for shipping costs. (1st Class recorded delivery) Thanks for looking. Kind regards Flavs Nereogelia Hannibal Lector - £28 Nereogelia Diamantinensis1 - £23...
  5. Amphibians
    Hi all, did a new tank this weekend, remembered to take a few pics as I went along so thought I would stick em on for peoples thoughts. Wanted to have a branch that I could plant broms on so I searched for a piece of cork bark that I could silicone against the background and then back fill...
  6. Planted Vivariums
    Well firstly I would lime to thank everyone who has helped answer all my questions from plants to bioactive substrate. So a big thank you to you all. Now down to business, I wont put pics of all the expanding foam, silicone and eco earth as by now im sure everyone knows what that looks...
  7. Planted Vivariums
    As requested- Plants arrived today so will be starting my planted viv tonight. I need your help again as regards to the care. Ok first up is Snakeskin looks like this will be a colourful one. Next is Calathea, Gill said if the leaves flop they need water and recover well, but how much...
  8. Habitat
    Well just nipped to Morrisons for some beers and found these for just £2.50 each. As im starting my planted viv I thought they would come in handy. But what is the best way to care for them before going in the viv, im going to re-pot them in some organic compost for a week but some leaves are...
  9. Planted Vivariums
    After 7-8 weeks of building I have finally finished my latest viv build. I have got through 5 and a half tubes of silicone on this build which is a new record even for me. It is planted mainly with with air plants such as broms and tillandisia. I have used a tree like build as the main focus...
  10. Amphibian Classifieds
    Hi i have 7 broms For sale, unsure what species they are. Ideal for dart frogs. 3 Small 30-35cm £10 each, 4 Large 35-40cm £15 each including postage all have numerous offsets at different stages,will be unplanted to save on P&P. Large Small Thanks Brendan.
  11. Lizards
    Hi, im planning on getting a crested gecko for the first time and haven't got any pet shops that sell cresties. I've done all the research and have got the viv and decorations, all i need is to buy the plants. I would prefer to have real plants, if you know of any, i would like a reliable...
1-11 of 14 Results