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  1. Equipment Classifieds
    Hi, Just thought I would share my products. I take existing furniture pieces and transform them into vivariums for all types of reptile and exotic mammals. I also create custom 3D backgrounds for these enclosures and also any existing enclosures you might have. Take a look on my shop below and...
  2. Equipment Classifieds
    Hello. I make custom, made to order 3D vivarium and terrarium backgrounds. Each background is fully customisable by you with any theme you would like and regular updates to ensure you are happy with it. All materials are reptile safe and have been used for years. Price based on 3ft vivarium...
  3. Habitat
    Hi Everyone, I am a carpenter/maker and recently made this for a friend of mine on this forum. Just thought I would share it with you all! Hope you likey! Many thanks :whistling2: :whip::crazy::thumb: Thanks!
  4. Habitat
    Looking for somebody to convert my understair area into a boa vivarium. I'm in east london. Anybody know anybody, I have contacted a couple of chippies but would prefer to use somebody with reptile knowledge. Thanks
  5. Habitat
    Hi guys, I'm a newbie to the forum and am looking for a viv builder who will deliver to Torquay, Devon. I have contacted pretty much all of them including volley and had no reply for months now. So does anybody know an active vivarium builder? The dimensions are (LXHXD) 6x4x2 for the bottom, and...
  6. Equipment Classifieds
    I spotted a post in one of the forums from a Viv builder who I think was in the NW England area. They would make the viv any colour except wood colour I.e. beech/pine etc Would anybody be able to post a link to this as I've been unable to find it again Think on one of the pics they had a...
  7. Equipment & Supplies
    Hi guys, Would anyone know of any custom vivarium builders in Lincolnshire*? I run a small education business and exotics rescue and I'm looking to purchase one or two large vivaria suitable for terrestrial pythons, boas etc. We officially launched in April so finances are tight for both the...
  8. Equipment Classifieds
    Hi, I'm looking for someone to build me 5x 4x2x2 vivs, 5x 3x2x2 vivs, 1x 2x2x2 viv. Can be made longer with supports if it works out cheaper etc (if that makes sense). Anyone who could do this for some time in May please get in touch. Thanks
  9. Equipment & Supplies
    Hi, I am going to be setting up building vivs in the very near future and was wondering who would be interested in this service. I am a self employed joiner/furniture maker and will be happy to quote on any size viv come big or small. Also out of any material. So I believe it's time to start...
  10. Habitat
    ive seen that there are a few custom viv builders on here but does anybody know of anyone close-ish to west yorkshire? the only ones ive seen are atleast a few hours away :( any help appreciated:2thumb:
  11. Habitat
    Hi, I'm looking for any experienced viv builders to give me a quote for a design I have made. It's not the usual rectangular shape it's more to fit in a corner but to keep space at a maximum. Bit like two vivs joined to make a 90degree angle. If your a builder or now any experienced builders...
  12. Equipment Classifieds
    Hi, I'm trying to find a custom vivarium builder. I don't want a 'normal' looking ore made viv, I want something like a solid wooden piece of furniture - both the viv and cabinet together. Does anyone know of anyone? I'm struggling to find anything, all the custom ones I can find seem to be...
  13. Lizards
    Hi, I need help. I need a 48x24x24 viv made. I would like a good reputable builder asap. Any suggestions, thanks : victory:
  14. Equipment & Supplies
    does anybody know of anyone in the west midlands that builds wooden rub racks?
  15. Snakes
    I'm looking into getting a couple of viv stacks built and was looking for a quote, if anyone knows any viv builders or can give me a quote, can you pm me :) This is the sort of thing I want built:
  16. Snakes
    Just wondering about any custom rack builders about? :) Whos the best? :)
  17. Equipment Classifieds
    Hi all right i need a 4 vivs building all need to be 5x2x2 so if your a viv builder please leave me a quote or pm me many thanks
  18. Equipment Classifieds
    Hi there, Im after a viv stack building in black and im struggling to find flatpack or pre built black vivs in any shops or online. Any viv builders out there who can help? Thanks.
  19. Equipment & Supplies
    anyone know viv builders on here?
  20. Equipment Classifieds
    hi there, I'm looking for a few quotes on a viv i'm planning, so i'm just looking for a few more quotes. I'm after a 6x5x2 HxWxD. I don't mind what wood, it's going to need to be tempered glass, and easily acessable for cleaning, basically, i'm going to need to be able to get into it easily, as...
1-20 of 25 Results