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bull snake morph
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    Hi, I hate to be "THAT" guy but I do need help to Identify what morph this is, I have people telling me it is a blizzard bull (patternless, albino, whiteside) But I bought it as a snow (albino whiteside). :bash: The reason I ask is, I have not yet seen a snow that has no yellow on the back. A...
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    Surplus male Ivory Bull very well grown on sub adult, 66% het for albino but no paper work to prove this. £120 Albino Cali king (adult male) £25 Classic cali temperament but very pretty all the same. Buyer to pick up as I do not drive. Please PM for further info and bare with me as I'm...
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    looking for contact details for dav kaufmen and/or high end bull snake morph breeders
1-3 of 3 Results