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bull snake
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    Bull Snake Pituophis sayi Albino Whiteside het hypo proven male Hatched 2015 Absolutely gorgeous, white with red eyes, has been cooled so ready to go! £250 Basingstoke or can courier
  2. Snakes
    I am think about a new addition later this year, looking at poss another carpet but different sub speices or a bull snake. Dont seem to be able to find many breeders in the uk tho. any chance of there being some at donchaster show? or does anyone know of anyone breeding. What are you looking...
  3. Equipment & Supplies
    Hi all. Planning to start setting up for a bull snake at some point in the new year, so I've been looking at 4ftx2ft vivariums. At the moment I'm looking at either Pro Viv or this site - Reptiles Plus | Deluxe Snake Kit Does anyone have any experience with this company? I've seen the discussion...
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    Hi there, Ive got a 3 year old (roughly) bull snake who needs to be re-homed to an experienced handler. Ive had her for almost a year but she seems to be getting more and more territorial. She has no problems once she's out but i'm the one who handlers her and i don't have the time to condition...
  5. Snakes Kid found a baby snake in his shoe, snake expert said it was some species of kingsnake but it looks more like a bull or pine snake to me
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    I havent posted in a while, but recently went to an expo and picked up a little bundle of keel scaled, unibrowed cuteness I thought you guys might like to check out! Meet Rufus the bullsnake.. seems a little shy right? erm yea, not really. This guy is pretty confident for being a worm...
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    I think I've died and gone to heaven. My first interest in reptiles was in the late 60's. Now, I've got grandkids to share my interest. Anna is 7 and Jessie is 12 and they both love our snakes. Anna caught our first one about a month ago. While fishing, she screamed, I've caught a snake. She was...
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    Posted on here a few days ago finding two of my eggs died, checked on the remaining eggs this morning and the rest are following :( I don't know what I'm doing wrong, they're bull snake eggs, they're 20 days old, incubating at around 84 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity at between 77 and 80%, they...
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    My new 10 month old , male Bull Snake :2thumb: Thanks to Coast To Coast Exotics for this gorgeous fella, only £39.99 and with free local delivery, legends :notworthy: Anyway here's a couple of snaps I took this morning after giving him a week to settle in , his dinner is defrosting as I type...
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    I have posted this on other sites, but I wanted to share to get different opinions. A few years back I had rescued a bull snake from some people who should never have owned an animal. He came to me in ROUGH condition. He was so thin that I wasn't sure he would make it, not to mention just about...
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    Hey everyone, I'm looking to expand my collection a little, as I've got space for 2-3 more snakes as it stands. At the moment my numbers are a little python and boa heavy, so I was thinking of expanding into the colubrids. My first ever snake was a lovely male Bull snake, who I stupidly sold...
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    £40 Normal Royal, sex unknown, 4 years old £80 Lemon Pastel Male 3 years old £40 Bull snake 3 years old No set ups included. Buyer must collect. Will not hold
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    I need a name for a male bull snake. Something that matches his mean face even though he appears to be a softy so far (we'll see)
  14. Snakes
    Can anyone recommend any good care sheets for bull snakes please! :-o
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    As with what you have :)
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    male patternless whitesided ghost het for blizzard bull snake bred by Sven Faes in Belgium. eating pooing sheddig fine and in great health cb10 approx 5+ im selling him because unfortunately i had a huge vet bill to pay for another one of my bulls and this chap doesnt fit in with my plans...
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    Hi, I am after a Baby Albino Bull Snake. Must be in County Durham/North East area. Or if anyone knows of any breeders in County Durham/North East ? Please, let me know. I may also be interested in normal baby bull snake if anyone got any. Cheers
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    2 bull snake's for sale £50 each ono male is around 6ft and fine to handle female is around 5ft also fine to handle but can be a little viv defensive at time's. they are 3 year's old and both eat, shed an poo as they should. they are from the same clutch so cant be housed or bred together this...
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    Had about 5 mins of calm handling once she had calmed down, then she saw my shadow move hehe. I love the red for a back ground, shows her off :flrt:
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    I got her a few days early :) Meet my female Bull snake, She has a big attitude on her, I dont mind tho :D Shes amazing!!! Cant wait for her to shed so i can see her in all her glory :no1:
1-20 of 107 Results