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    hi guy i am putting this snake up on another thread without the setup. she is great to handle and a very aggersive feeder. feeds everytime food is offered even when in blue. she is great to handle and has never bitten she does give the odd hiss when getting her out occationally but settles very...
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    Some pictures from this years babies. albino or sunglow? whitesided normal snow hypo normal and hypo
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    hi for sale a female bull snake 5ft great feeder wish i didn't have to sell her but a move forces sale. feeding on small/medium rats great to handle can be noisey getting her out but never bitten. comes with a 4ft wooden viv ceramic stat and guard. really don't want this girl to go but i want...
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    I let the pictures talk.
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    hi ppl, my year old bull snake hasnt been to the toilet for four and a half weeks now, he normally goes every week and is otherwise happpy and healthy and eating well. we moved him into a new bigger tank 5 weeks ago and hes been to the loo once and wont have a bath in his water bowl which he...
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    Adult male Bull Snake. Has been cooled down to breed next season and was a proven breeder last year. See Here Very calm male and good to handle. I am selling due to a new male bloodline i...
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    Friendly Female Albino Bullsnake for sale roughly 3ft. Healthy sheds and feeds really well. The reason i am selling her is due to lack of space to keep her when fully grown i bought her from a well known and respected reptile shop 'Cold-Blooded Reptiles'. For sale for £100 or swap Message...
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    im just testing the water to see if anyone would be interested, Pairs wont be split. 1.1.0 - radiated rat snakes cb10 male het for t+ albino female het for t- albino. would make great project, looking for £90 the pair. 1.1.0 Common boas - both male and female show lovely orange markings...
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    hi has any1 got a male bullsnake local either for sale or free ,it's just to pair up with a girlie I've got Cheers thanks for looking
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    Have a MDF varnished viv that used to house 2 beardies (currently home to my Bullsnake) .Measures 39"x20.5"x17" , has a full length vent strip at the top of the back , 2 glass sliding doors , bulb holder with reflector bulb and expensive bulbgaurd . looking for £30 empty or would consider...
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    I have some bullsnakes bred by myself this year for sale. Parents are triple hets, so all the babies are poss. het for the other morphs in this clutch. wild color £32,5 - £37,5 (male/female) albino £40-45 whitesided £50-55 snow £50 (male) Can bring them to Hamm. I live in Belgium/Bruges...
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    "Devils" thats what most people think about bullsnakes. OK, they have character but most of the time its only bluf. All the babies from the first clutch did eat after the first shed. Some pics of the four different colors from this clutch.
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    Hi guys, Been a while since i posted on here so I wanted see peoples opinions to try and help me decide what to get next. I'm currently stuck deciding between: a CCP or a BCI. I want to know peoples opinions who already own one or both of them, as I'm equally interested in both, and...
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    The eggs of the bullsnakes are hatching. Some pictures of babies. Hope you like them. snow normal whitesided albino
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    For sale is our 09 male albino bullsnake. Just touching 3 ft in length, sheds fine and feeding on med/large mice, we have feeding and shed records over a year old for him. He has not been handled much and will readily coil and hiss if disturbed, and given the chance, strike. Easily solved by...
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    right seeing as i got shouted at last time, i've changed the whole setup for my bull (even though i was careful about the sticky tape)
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    All snakes are feeding, shedding and handling fine unless otherwise stated Corns Hatchlings born 16/06/09 and 17/06/09, all have had 2 feeds, 3rd feed due this week, none have refused a meal yet, very calm for hatchlings 0.2 Caramel het amel - £30 each 0.1 Amel het caramel - £20 Yearlings...