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    I have 7 rabbits that were born on the 20/6/11, the are netherland dwarf x dwarf lop. They will be ready to leave their mother on the 1/8/11. They have all ready weaned themselves but I don't want them to go until they are a bit bigger. Each will go with some food. Please contact for more details.
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    Hiya :) i have got a bunny its about 4month old and the mother of my rabbits has has some more and me & my partner are getting one of them tommoro they are both females i want to put them together i thought this would be ok but after reading about it im not so sure any ideas to help me help them...
  3. Other Pets and Exotics
    im sat here with fudge the rabbit any ones else's rabbits want to say hi
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    If i was to show rabbits what would u need to do??? Short and simple lol, just wondering really what i would need to do if i was to show rabbits in the future... Thankyou
1-4 of 5 Results