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burmese python
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    I have for sale my proven adult male hypo het albino Burmese python, he's around 6 years old and 9ft long, he's fathered several clutches for me, he eats and she'd with no issues and is great to handle, any further questions please get in touch, £75
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    Female Wei line caramel albino Burmese Python available. Hatched late 2020, very healthy. Feeding on small/medium rats weekly - never missed a feed. Growing nicely, hook trained and calm. Beautiful animal. £285 collection from Bromley BR2. Thanks, Darren
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    Hi Everyone, I need some help. I have a 17mth old albino Burmese Python and she WILL NOT take a rat or guinea pig without first being introduced to a baby chick. When I first got her she was feeding fine, taking small weaners from the previous owner without any issues. Since getting her...
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    Hi so after spending a few years without reptiles in my life, due to family commitments. I have decided the time is right to own some again. Sadly I do not have the time or space to keep as many great species that I once owned so I have decided to keep it to one snake and 1or 2 lizards. Out of...
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    I have the following Burmese pythons available, all are eating and shedding well, will do deals on multiples and can deliver locally, if you have any further questions please get in touch. Normal het albino female £50 Albino male £100 Hypo het albino females £80 Pearls male left £140 Can arrange...
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    Hello, so i was thinking about getting a Retic but i don't think i am ready for the size it could potentially get. So i think a male albino Burmese Python would suit me better but i dont know anywhere or any breeders that sell them, it would be great if anyone could suggest where could buy a...
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    I have a Male Burmese python looking for a new home due to no fault of his home. Great to handle and aggressive feeder on rats and rabbit's. 10 years old and around 12ft in length. Free to a good home. Please message me if interested.
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    CB16 male hypo granite burmese python for sale. Very friendly and inquisitive. Eating, shedding and defecating as should. Approximately 3.5ft - 4ft long. Collection only as I can't drive and please send me a private message if interested.
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    Help - Is this Burmese OK? Bought this Burmese last night. Male, 7 Months old, 2.5ft. Feeding Schedule shown in pic. Breeder was only feeding him 1 mouse fuzz every 7 days, not been fed for 2 weeks. He seems constipated with a dark buildup of matter inside his back end and very fatigued...
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    WANTED - CB17 Burmese Python Male Simon 07989 55 8323 [email protected]
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    Hi all, my son is in the army and it seems the lads in his section in tidworth all keep reptiles, now my son was given an albino Burmese python who was born last year with a slightly deformed face and mouth, now over 1 year old he will still only eat day old chicks and they have to be cut in...
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    Hi guys and gals, My my girlfriend gave me a lovely surprise today, A 9 week old Burm!!!:flrt: He is a 100% Het Albino. I always give new reptiles the once over, And after giving him he once over I have noticed an unusual looking growth type thing on his tail Does anybody have an idea on what...
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    Hello! I'm planning on getting my first big python, i plan on starting with a male burmese python as reading around they seem to be the most docile and most forgiving larger snakes. I've had plenty of experience with larger snakes volunteering at reptile shops and being around other large...
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    Looking for a burm age isn't important would prefer one quite docile but will consider anything . Can't travel far as i don't drive . would love an albino but also morph isn't important so if anyone nearby is selling one give me a shout :2thumb:
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    Hello! I'm new here. I'm a native to the southeastern United States and years ago I heard a story about a Burmese python that was rescued by Cambodians during the Vietnam War by a Special Forces Operative, smuggled back the United States and then was put on display at the North Carolina Museum...
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    Around 3-4 ft in good health does everything she should
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    Looking for Burmese Python breeders who have a litter or are due some anytime soon in the West Midlands :) Thank you
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    I have the following for sale or swap CB15 female normal 50% poss blonde 12.5% dwarf Burmese doing everything she should smashing DF mice and rats every 7 days never shown any agression swap for female royal no normals or spider genes cheers
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    Looking to swap my female burm for an interesting breeding project, young or adult 1.1 pairs or 1.2 trios Milks, Kings, hognose, maybe boas or something else a bit different. She's about 5 foot and growing like a weed! Feeding on large rats weekly. Sheds and poops fine. Apparently DH green...
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    For Sale CB15 Female Ruby eyed Ivory poss labyrinth Burmese Python £295 CB14 Male Caramel Burmese Python (Stunning) £495 Will do the pair for £700 Both feeding well on defrost. PM me for more details or call 07838124898
1-20 of 500 Results