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burmese pythons
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    Good Afternoon (US time), Our Burmese is not eating. We are looking for guidance to get her to eat and help if we have to force feed. She had an infection last year that left her with open sores on her lower body. We treated her per our veterinarian's instructions & she eventually got better...
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    1.0 CB11 ADULT HYPO 100% D/H ALBINO GRANITE £400 stunning animal VERY Light in colour does all he should and eats everything. proven. Comes with paperwork! 0.1 CB15 HYPO GREEN HET ALBINO £400 Was a hold back another stunning animal does all that she should and eats everything. 1.0 CB13...
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    Python molurus bivittatus (Burmese Pythons) – Often described as the dog of the snake world (given plenty of interaction). These gentle giants can make great pets but only if you have the room as the females can grow up to eighteen feet! We’re going to be producing albinos next year 2013 and...
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    Collection for Sale.. Now with possible pick up from Danny in Peterbourgh Females... 3ft Pearl het Granite poss het Green Burm CB14 .. Tame ...£180 Males 8ft Granite het Albino Burm CB11... £100 3ft Hypo het Granite Burm CB14.. £150 20% non refundable deposits taken to hold Glenrothes Couriers...
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    im selling my male ivory that i picked up from hamm, eats well and handles well. messsage me if you want pictures. great price.
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    2.2 ivories 100% het granite poss het albino £650 5.0 Hypo Het granite poss het albino £225 25% required to hold Will also swap for other females just inbox me what you have Location Canvey island essex
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    Burmese Python's and Anaconda's Very difficult sale due to work commitments, my whole collection will be going. I will not sell to just anyone and prices are negotiable for the right home. First up 10' male Albino Burmese Python, he's easy to handle and is tap trained as very food orientated...
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    :welcome: wanted female Burmese python from year 2009/2011 pm me if anyone has any thanks
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    Due to a time waster i have for sale two male burmese pythons . One is a 2010 HYPO het for albino and the other is a 2009 GRANITE het for albino. Hypo is hissy in the viv but fine once out, the granite is very placid and easy to handle. Both snakes are healthy. Also with the snakes is a 6x2x2...
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    Is it ok to use a exo terra heat emitter 150 w to heat a 7 foot viv and will I be able to put that into a ceramic bulb holder as it says it can only be used with models pt2060 an pt2062 only with exoterra wire light fixtures
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    I have a 500w ahs heater an don't know if that is going to be ok as the only heat source in a 7x3x3 foot vivarium for a burmese python an if it is where should I put it
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    we have not really kept up to date with posting the photos of our burmese collection, so here are a few, they should be up to size for the next season!!! also a bit of a guessing game to see how good everyone is at identifying them!!!!!! Attached Thumbnails
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    I currently have the following available :- 2012 Babies 1.0 Albino Boa (het snow) - £350 1.1 Snow Boa - £650 each or £1200 pair 1.0 Anerythristic Boa (het snow) - £300 1.0 Common Boa (double het snow) - £95 0.1 Common Boa (double het snow) - £160 0.1 Sugar Royal Python - £800 2.2 Hypo...
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    I currently have the following available :- 2012 Babies 1.0 Albino Boa (het snow) - £350 1.1 Snow Boa - £650 each or £1200 pair 1.0 Anerythristic Boa (het snow) - £300 1.0 Common Boa (double het snow) - £95 0.1 Common Boa (double het snow) - £160 0.1 Sugar Royal Python - £800 2.2 Hypo...
  15. Hobby Issues & Information
    The next meeting of the TAWRA will be held on the 28th October at Team Reptiles and starts at 6pm. This meeting we will be discussing and playing with Burmese Pythons. For more information please visit TAWRA | Team Reptiles
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    hi i have a mk2 vw golf 1.8 16v gti for sale or wanting to swap for high end adult burms or high end adult boas! Must come with vivs! it has just had the following work done! New rear arches and sills, new clutch, new brake pipes, new brakes ( bit rusty as it's been sat on the garden not...
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    Hi there people , we have had a change in plans so we have 2x massive burmese pythons for sale 1. 12ft male burmese , eating 8 rats every 2 weeks , cant seem to get him on to rabbits , comes with food too , friendly :) £100 2. 13-14ft burmese , he was very under weight when i got him , must...
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    Selling my proven pair of adult hypo 100% het albino greens female laid 28 eggs this year that I have cooking at the moment. Will also be selling adult female green adult albino green all proven to hypo male. New baby last month has seen a stop to all my spare time!!
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    We have the following Pythons available:- Royal Pythons. 0.1 2011 Pastel Axanthic. 355g. £1000. 1.0 2011 Gargoyle. 310g. £1100. 1.0 2011 Super Pastel 100% het Ghost. 270g. £500. 1.0 Albino Cinnamon. 410g. £1000. Burmese Pythons. 1.0 2010 Hypo 100% Het Albino(pearl).4ft+. £700. 1.0 2007 adult...
1-19 of 44 Results