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    I've been looking for anywhere that supplies dwarfs or half dwarfs in Ireland or the UK, haven't had any look. Hoping someone can point me in the right direction to a site or page that does. Thanks.
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    I have for sale 2.2 Half dwarf het granite £175 each (£300 a pair) 3.2 Hypo poss het caramel/blond £125 each (£225 a pair) 2.3 Ivory poss het caramel/blond £300 each (£550 a pair)
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    Collection for Sale.. Price Drop this weekend only Females... 3ft Pearl het Granite poss het Green Burm CB14 .. Tame ...£180 Males 8ft Granite het Albino Burm CB11... £100 3ft Hypo het Granite Burm CB14.. £150 or take all 3 for £380 short term paypent plans 20% non refundable deposits taken to...
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    i have 10 frozen still born lambs ranging from 2 kg to 5.5kg ideal for large snakes as an alternative to rabbits , i was feeding these to my large retics but unfortunately no longer have a need for these , ideal for retics , burms , etc collection from crewe £5 each
  5. Snakes
    I'm just trying to gather opinions here, people. Post yours! There's no debate over wich of the boas is the heaviest (green anaconda), but the same not always can be said about pythons. The subject divides opinions, from what i've noticed through my many herp hobby years. Retics or burms? Wich...
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    Male hypo granite het albino green £280 Female pearl het green granite £180 Female granite het albino green £120 based in melksham wiltshire. can deliver local at cost. pm me for pics.
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    Hi!... I hope you can help me with this.. I have a female albino het green and a male DH for albino and green. Can any one tell me what would be the expected out come of the breeding Cheers in advanced. Oscar
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    both feeding on rat weaners and about 2.5ft both doing everything they should and tame. open to sensible offers. can email pics so pm me.
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    I have for sale a 2014 female pearl Burmese she is pounding her food eating large weaner and small rats. In store price is £450 Female and male Hypo Burmese pythons In store price is £260 male and female albino Burmese pythons In store price is £130 Male and female...
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    ok guys so I'm willing to split my burms. for sale Male burmese normal het abino cb2010 around 12ft eating and pooing as he should. proven breeder make me an offer female burmese albino green het green cb2011 around 11ft not eating for around 4 months and lost a bit of weight. breed last...
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    Hi, Anyone doing bulk orders or rodents in the NW? Also interested in frozen piglets or failing that lambs Thanks Leon
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    Top uk burm breeders ?
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    Due to circumstances need to sell my two big snakes ;-( Female 2011 proven breeder albino green 300£ shes about 10 feet Male 2010 proven breeder normal het albino 100£ his about 11 feet Both are tame just bit hissy like burms like to be. Also 2 vivariums for sale one 6ft long 2ft high 2ft...
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    Hi looking at starting a breeding program with Burms so please let me no what you have got and prices, also would like some large vivs. Thanks sam
  15. Snakes
    hey up guys has anyone used rabbit pups for there baby burms or any snake? my burm will only eat chicks wont touch (literally) rats or mice, even after trying scenting, not feeding a few weeks, and giving chick and rat straight (worked for 2/3 weeks then she started spitting the rat out...
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    Selling all my snakes. All in tip top condition photos on request, no picture hunters!!! Please only serious interest. Ivory Burmese female het albino 2ft £1000 Hypo Burmese het albino female 5-6ft £350 Hypo Burmese het albino/green 3ft £250 Pearl Burmese male 5-6ft £600...
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    Rack cAn go now £500 8 bay wI'll do 9th with a lid, needs 4 more tubs , 33ltr rubs . Includes mats. on rollers so easy to move about. Male burm cb13 hypo 100%dh albino granite £250, smashes food. Cb13 corns Normal £10 or two for £15 Amel £15 or two for £25 Cb12 amel some slight paradoxing...
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    I'm having to downsize dramatically of my snakes, Lizards and spiders. Please pm for any more wanted information. Royal het albino, 4ft, roughly 4/5years old, definitely female - £150 Cali king snake early 2013 £40 or £60*with basic setup. Sand boa 2013 definitely female £50 or £70 with...
  19. Snakes
    I'm very much loving burms to bits and now becoming a big ddal for me and more excited for them than I am with my royals now . Just wondering what the morphs total for burms is now , I'm looking forward to the pied but only just recently found out about the stripe. So anyway. Could some one...
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    decided to sell my male albino burm hes a great feeder shed and poos fine great temp handled daily loves been out of viv great alround snake pick up only:2thumb: pics on my profile in no rush to sell so no silly offers have a copy of his feed and sheding records if u want mre pics inbox me your...
1-20 of 103 Results