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burrowing substrate
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  1. Habitat
    Today I went on a little shop for my leo's and bought some of this excavator stuff but i barely knew it was. I was wondering if anyone has used it for leopard geckos before and how to use it if I have a heat mat as well as a basking light? Also, how long does it last and is it worth using it by...
  2. Habitat
    Cant hurt to ask.. I have a 4x1x2 (length x hight x depth) space to fill with sand and soil. And wickes do 5 bags of 25l topsoil for 13 quid. So far I have 4 x 15kg bags of sand and no soil as I want a 60/40 ratio soil/sand. will it be enough?
  3. Lizards
    Hey RFUK :) So, the on going argument of what substrate to use for leopard geckos is just tiresome. some people use sand and there okay, some people use it and they die, some people use paper towels and everything is okay etc. well atm im using paper towels but i hate the look of them! they...
1-3 of 3 Results