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butterfly agama
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    Hi I have 2.3 Leiolepis gutata for sale. These guys are pretty rare in our hobby. These giant butterfly agamas are doing great, eating good on insects and greens. They are still semi adult and will grow pretty big. Price for 1.1 = 475 pounds / 600 euro Price for 1.2 = 710 pounds / 900 euro...
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    2 adult butterfly agamas. £35 each or £60 for both. Eat, shed poo fine. pick up only.
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    I'm selling my Butterfly Lizards 1 female 2 males Two are missing toes and nipped tails £80 come with sand, sand siv, heat rock and uv tube and basking light but no tank or starter unit
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    hi im selling my butterfly agama and all his tank and set up. He is male and is a year old. hes very active and healthy the only thing is like many butterfly agamas he has nubbed toes on both his front feet, which ive been told told is down to poor blood circulation and the fact that these...
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    Hi all, This is our new addition hes a Butterfly Agama called Digit 6/8 months old :flrt:
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    New Butterfly Agama Hi all! Just wanted to show you all my new baby boy, he's a Butterfly Agama his age is between 6 and 8 months and his names Digit. I got him as an x-mass present as i had been going on for about 3 months about getting 1 ! We will look into getting him a mate in the...
1-6 of 6 Results