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  1. Lizards
    Hi there, I've got a little crestie who eats a CGD every day, however, I've got some live food coming tomorrow for a Rankins we're picking up at the weekend and thought I'd give a little something to my crestie. I know she'll be fine with the locusts (if she wants to bother with them!) but...
  2. Lizards
    Hi, Are these more nutritious than Calci-worms?
  3. Lizards
    I've just come across these and wonder if many people use them. Do they need gut feeding? Are they suitable for green anoles and leopard geckos? Tree Frogs? Musk turtles? Just trying to vary diets.
  4. Lizards
    Ok so I went into the pet shop today to grab some locusts for Peaches, my leopard gecko. They had had a live food delivery and they had some new bugs in there, and i picked up some calci-worms. Peaches really liked them so she had 4 and then her usual 10 medium locusts. Question is guys, how...
  5. Lizards
    Can you feed Calci-worms to Crested Geckos? If so which size would you recommend? Also would I be better changing my Leopard gecko Mealworms to Calci-Worms? Again if so, which size. They do have a pot of calcium in their viv with them at all times.
  6. Food Classifieds
    Hi All, Calci worms in BULK quantities are available as BUY ONE GET ONE FREE only for this weekend. 2000 Large calci worms for £14.99 - That is insanely cheap. Also, I promise the quality and size of these worms will make it worth while! - Let alone the astonishing levels of nutrition! All...
  7. Lizards
    Hi I have two beardies and they are currently eating locust, but i would like to give them some variety. Could anyone please tell me a shop in the peterborough area where i could go and buy some dubia cockroaches, silkworms and calci-worms. I have seen alot of websites where they will delivery...
  8. Lizards
    Hi all! I just recently bought 1x100 tub of Calci-Worms (Phoenix Worms) which I have heard work wonders in the reptile world. Got them delivered yesterday, tried feeding them to my Leo which looked pleasing until she grabbed one and pretty much spat it out, how ever she did eat one of...
  9. Amphibians
    Hey all. I just noticed today that there's an adult black soldier fly in my frog's tank. That's what it appears to be anyways, size/colour/shape-wise, and it'd make sense, since I did try to get Nutmeg to eat a few calci-worms about a month or two-ish back, and I thought they'd all been...
  10. Food Classifieds
    Hi, Here we have a new Line - Calci-Worms We are now selling calci-worms in 2 sizes theese have much higher calcium than normal bugs Calci-Worms - Large 8-12mm 100 RRP £3.75 Our Price £3.00 300 RRP £11.25 Our Price £8.50 500 RRP £18.75 Our Price £15 1000 RRP £37.50 Our Price...
  11. Food Classifieds
    Hi Guys, We now have bulk quantities of calci worms (Same species as Phoenix Worms, just a different name) available for purchase. 500 Medium Calci-Worms £10.99 500 Large Calci-Worms £11.99 1000 Medium Calci-Worms £17.99 1000 Large Calci-Worms £21.00 For more info or to purchase, please...
  12. Food Classifieds
    For a limited time only we have in stock giant butterworms, they are a seasonal butterworm that are rarely available as a feeder in the UK, limited stock, visit Silkworm Store for further details. Also, micro, small and medium silkworms available along with special offers on multiple livefoods...
  13. Lizards
    Hey guys, i was just wondering what your views are on calci-worms? Are they actually worth buying? Do any of you guys use them? Thanks in advance x
1-13 of 13 Results