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cali king snake
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    I have a male and female cali king snake for sale, selling as a pair. The albino is the female around 3 yr old, the male is around same age. Collection from Chester.
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    2 year ole cali king snake doing all it should Eating pooping and shedding never misses a feed does not like to be held can be a little nippy so really should go to some one who has no fear of a nip from time to time
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    Approx 4ft Cali King Snake, with 3ft viv and decor. I took him on temporarily to help a friend of a friend, but now they can't take him back so he needs to find a new home. I'm not massively confident with snakes, so whilst he's been handled, it's not been that often but he's always okay when...
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    Hi anybody got or hatching any albino high white cali kings at all? Not worried about if m or f just looking for a good quality snake.:help:
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    Lovely snake looking for a forever home. Around8-9 yrs. Slim.wont eat big meals.small mouse weekly(in my experience). Calm to handle .not defensive at all. Swap for hognose or sand boa. questions welcome.
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    I have available a female royal python hatched September last year. Pretty girl eats anything put in front of her, sheds well and does everything she should do £40. Albino Cali King snake hatched in May last year loves being handled, eats, sheds and pools fine £20. Letting them go purely to...
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    Gorgeous pair of young unrelated Cali kings Male is apx 2ft and 8 months old feeding shedding well handles well Female is just under 2 ft and about 7 months old, eats sheds etc also handles well. £60 the pair collection from harlow in essex, can deliver locally. Thanks for looking, if you have...
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    So I've had her just over a week now, a bit of handling, gone for me a couple of times but still not bitten. I don't know much about them but I'm trying my hardest to keep her happy. She seems really restless atm, if she sees me by her viv she'll just go back and forth and tap the front glass...
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    So now that I've discovered my girl is a Cali king snake, I've been doing some proper research on her, especially about feed. Her previous owner who I got her from fed her 5 mice last Friday and told me to feed her around the same in 3 to 4 weeks, but I've just read you're meant to feed every...
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    CB 11 female Cali king snake for Sale. Would eat everyday given the chance, sheds in one everytime an goes to toilet fine. Great to handle but when in the Viv will bite at times thinking she might be able to eat you. If you wish to know anything else or male me an offer please pm me.
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    due to unfortunate circumstances at work they've reduced my hours this unfortunately meaning i have the hard decision of what to sell this is my Male Californian king snake, he's a coastal phase so brown and yellow not black and white, lovely tempremant and does all that he should, he's about...
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    i have a 5ft 3in cali king snake as it was my 1st snake i find her quite intimidating as swapped a water dragon at a pet shop for this snake. but was not told about king snakes temperament this snake has never struck at me but does do alot of tail shakeing i have not been able to handle as much...
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    Female 2005 Californian King Snake. Will be for sale with a 36x15x15 vivarium. Heated with 2 heatmats, one 20W and one 12W with a Habistat 100w thermostat. Will include 2 medium sized pieces of Wood bought from a Reptile shop. Also includes an exo terra plant decoration. Ventilated top and...
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    We are a Reptile Shop based in Maidstone, Kent. We have finally saved up enough money to refurbish our shop floor. The problem is we cannot refurbish with all our animals. The following deals all expire at 14:00 Sunday the 4th of March. A huge collection of CB11 corn snakes from £45 to £60...
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    The time has come to sell my king snake was sold to me as a male by a local rep shop, just over 3ft in length and weighs 483grms. Typical King temperarment does tail rattle and has musked me a few times in the past but has never tried to bite or striked at me, he's absolutly fine once he's out...
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    selling my cali king snake with his viv gorgeous snake, lovely temperament 3 foot aqua stands viv setup wiv light, water bowl, java wood, plants etc needs some1 with more time for handling as is very active playful snake 70 all in for quick sale buyer collection ben
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    hi i want a 2011 cali king i want it in the hull area
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    I am selling this snake to free up some space. really pretty snake, the colours are normally brighter as the photos were taken when she was close to shedding. She eats like a pig and poos fine. ideally needs someone who would handle her regularly as she gets nervous if she has been left for a...
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    Hi i have a 2010 female albino king snake shes is food mad and a nice snake. Feeds on mice fuzzies twice a week. poos, sheds and weeing fine. Full shed and feeding and weighing history since i have had her available. Sold as seen - No refunds - No time wasters. May swap for Female Royal...
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    Hi, i was just wondering what is the best size viv for an adult cali king snake. she came with a 4ft x 15inch x 15inch viv. i was wondering if she could do with a bigger viv. thanks.
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