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cali king
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    I have just seen a wanted post in classifieds for adult cali kings. Someone replied with ' are you aware there is a ban on cali kings and all other getula complex kingsnakes probably coming into force very soon' I can't believe this is true. Is it?
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    Looking for an adult female black and white Cali King, preferably aberrant, please message me with what you have and price please
  3. Snake Classifieds
    I am going away travelling soon and unfortunately means I am going to have to sell most of my collection, I have had many of the snakes from a young age and it will be upsetting to see them go. If you need any more information or would like to see pictures pm me at any time. All snakes are in...
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    1 male albino and 1 female speckled cali king snakes for sale together or separately also available is a home built double vivarium. male £30.00 female £30.00 viv £40.00 or can maybe do deal on all three together snakes shed,poo and eat great and both are good to handle.rehoming as i want to...
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    CB13 Hypermelanistic Cali King Snake Female £60 (Male also available)
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    ADULT PAIR reverse stripe high white California king snakes. will be ready to breed at the end of the year when the female reaches 300 grams. im heart broken to have to sell them as I love them as pets and it took me 2 years to find to find a pair. so out of my own experience of trying to track...
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    2010 Proven Female California Kingsnake. 50/50 also proven het albino. Trying to eat everything at the moment but is normally fine to handle. Doing everything she should. £60 South Wales 07906113421
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    Adult /sub-adult female Californian King snake wanted , black & white banded preferred , have a male to swap , or will pay cash , please PM with what you have , thanks
  9. Rehoming Classifieds
    Roughly 3years, doing everything she should, tame. Need re homing asap due to me moving to a property that will not accept animals. Any more info please message me. Asking fee is £15 to deter freebie hunters.
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    Due to me starting a new job which will consume more of my time I am having to rehome my beautiful cali king snake, she isn't a definite female (however I can have her sexed before sale), she is handled everyday so she is remarkably tame, roughly 2ft, great feeder, doing all she should. Perfect...
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    Hey guys, Due to a few changes and plans ballsing up, I have a few things for sale. 2 African rock python males, experienced homes only, both around 5ft the larger is tame while the smaller is snappy £90 each corn snakes: All females, carolina het anery - proven £35ono anery motley strip...
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    For sale is my Adultmale Cali King Snake, no longer have plans for him. Eat, sheds poops fine. He is a very outgoing snake and handles well. Feeds on Fuzzy mice. Looking for £30 for her. Collection Only from Widnes Can come with rub
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    Dot Dash California King Snake CB12. Handles Well, Feeds Well, Poos Well & Sheds Well. Very Nice Snake! Reluctantly Selling! Reasonable Offers!
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    For sale is my female cali king snake, no longer have plans for her. She sheds and poops fine but is a nervous snake so will only eat if her tank is covered. Feeds on two pinkie mice. As already mentioned she is a nervous snake, she will rattle her tail when you go into her tank but she has...
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    Late 2012, unsexed, absolutely amazing temp, he would make a great starter snake. £40 or £60 with basic setup.
  16. Snakes
    Okay, well, as some of you may know, me and the mr got a new little cali king recently (he posted up a thread about her with some feeding problems a few days ago)... basically, i'm after some advice... She's a feisty and fast little'un and i know that she's going to be displaying defensive...
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    Having to sell of some of my snakes due to my partner moving in and saying enough is enough, so hard choice but king snakes are having to go due to no fault of there own. for sale: Female Desert king snake approx 3.5ft. Female lavender stripe albino king approx 3.5ft. Female Albino lavender...
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    Hi I've got a few snakes which I'm wanting to swap First up is a 09 male blazing blizzard proven breeder, Also a cb11 amel stripe female Also a cb13 amel stripe male And a pair of cb13 amel het butters Plus not just corns I also have a cb13 striped cali king And a cb13 T+ albino house snake I'm...
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    hi to all my cali king has escaped from his viv any advice
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    Im guessing my cali king was in shed as he was a much duller colour, his eyes were very blue and he was not active in the slightest. I got home yesterday to find him very active, nice bright shiny colouring and black eyes. Only problem is there is no shed skin..... Anywhere. 1 site online said...
1-20 of 149 Results