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cali kings
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    I have a male and female cali king snake for sale, selling as a pair. The albino is the female around 3 yr old, the male is around same age. Collection from Chester.
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    Adult male lavender cali king (more of a dark lavender) eats medium/large mice does everything he should £35 Adult female Lavender cali king (typical cali wants to eat everything) eats large mice and does everything she should £40 Take both for £65 Male bredli aprox 4-5 ft eats meduim rats...
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    Looking for interesting male kings high white Cali or Brooke's etc I'm planning on breeding my banded black and white Cali female
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    As I have a long weekend and the calis have woken up and started feeding I am considering trying to pair up my female albino stripe (Pearl) with a male. The two possible cadidates are Lenny, beautiful high cream (not really yellow) banana type stripe and the new male albino stripe male that...
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    Hi, I need to create some space so the cali's have to go, The male is v-friendly and great to handle , the female can't be a bit moody sometimes but most of the time she is fine. Both feed and shed well and are very active snakes . The female double clutches had a clutch of 12 drop 6 weeks...
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    I have a pair of cali kings for sale they are both just under 3 years old both snakes are very healthy they havent been handled a great deal so can be a bit skitish at times would make a good breeding pair for next year please pm me for more details will try and get some pics up today
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    Hi all, I have done a bit of research on cali kings and everything I've read says that they grow to about 5ft long and they are roughly the same girth as a corn snake. I would like to know if anybody else has a cali king that is 6ft long and weighs 1300gr, the other 2 I have are 4 years old and...
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    I have recently adopted a Califorian King snake and he is fan bloody tastic ...... Can I keep him with any other snake, ie a corn as our local rep breeder has a baby corn, I appreciate that he would eat him as a baby but was thinking for the future??? Im asking as i want to build a viv and...
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    Albino Banana cali king - 2010 - Female Stunning colours will get brighter with age - last few remain £40
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    1 x Albino banded male - super Bright colour 'lavender' and bright yellow - proven breeder £60 1 x Very big female Dot Dash - not the prettiest of girls but needs a home - she has bred for me last year - a bit bitey but usual!! £30 Selling to make room for Expanding Florida king collection
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    Lavender striped Female - 2010 - photo does not do her justice - colours will intensify with age - will be a stunner Blk and White Mosiac (het albino) male Pair including delivery £100
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    Latest Cali kings - hatched so far - all various morphs - many more to come will update when hatch Best Cali kings in Europe - well in my opinion!!
1-13 of 13 Results