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    Looking for grown on high quality Vietnamese blue beauty snakes 1.1 or 1.2 Also 1.1/1.2 Calico Chinese beauty snakes 1.1 albino Chinese beauty snakes. Please message if you have anything available. Thanks
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    Hi i have a few royals for sale all doing as they should and feeding well.. key points: 1.0 male 0.1 female. 0.1 spinner superfly 1kg £400 1.0 soulsucker spinner 1kg £300 1.0 pastel specter yellowbelly (pastel super stripe) 780g £350 0.1 mojave 1500g £70 0.1 lucifer yellowbelly 100g £100 0.1...
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    I have available a few animals looking for a new home all taking defrost rats Cb15 female vanilla cream 750g £325 Cb16 male calico stinger bee 750g £225 Cb15 male mojave lesser (bel) 1100g £245 Cb15 male soulsucker spinner 1200g £400 Cb17 female lesser 140g £50 Trades available ;)
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    I have a cb16 male calico stinger bee for sale he is 750+grams and is doing every thing he should he is feeding on defrost large weaner rats (VERY RELUCTANT SALE) £275, I also have a cb17 male banana (bred by me) doing every thing he should and feeding on defrost rat pups £160. Any questions...
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    CB13 Male calico Chinese beauty snake, Orthriophis taeniurus. US import from 2014, proven breeder approximately 6ft long. Eats well on df rats weekly. Sheds and poops as expected. Not afraid to bite however generally had a good nature (for a Chinese beauty). Very few in Europe and an unusual...
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    I have the following for sale, all are eating and shedding well. Pictures can be sent upon request. CB16: 1.0 Enchi Fire 182g - £90 1.0 Fire 156g - £45 1.0 Super Pastel Calico 100% het Hypo 268g - £230 2.0 Wild Type 130g & 153g - £15 each 1.1 100% het Hypo 117g & 158g - £40 pair 1.1 Pastel 100%...
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    For sale is the following (all proven): 1.0 SPOG - 900g+ - £120 0.1 Albino -1500g+ - £300 0.1 Wild Type - 1700g+ - £60 Ready for reservation: 1.0 Super Pastel Calico 100% het Hypo - £350 I am based in Dundee but am happy to courier. I would consider trades on Leopard/Phantom combos or close...
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    Pastel calico female royal CB15. Feeding well on f/t large mice, strike feeder. £150 Buyer to collect from Reading or arrange courier. : victory:
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    For sale, royal pythons as follows: 0.1 calico (proven) £250 0.1 fire (proven) £150 0.2 firefly cb15 £95 each 0.3 fire cb15 £50 each All feed on df rats/mice. All healthy and eat well, poo and shed OK too. More info available on request. We also have available a few hold back cb15s from a...
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    We have some wonderful Royals for sale. All bred by ourselves and strike feeding on D/F rats. Check out the album of pics here: 2015 Hatchlings by Mike Witchell | Photobucket prices on each pic and also shown below Sensible payment plans available, just PM us, and delivery within reason at...
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    CB13 Pastave calico male for sale. Does everything as he should, would just like something different in the breeding plans as I already have males carrying these genes. Will swap for males of similar age and value, double or triple genes preferred but will consider higher end single gene animals.
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    Looking for a breeder male calico/sugar combo, ideally no spider, but let me know what you have Cheers james
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    So, after a slight panic that I might have to sell up, we are back on track! Which I am very happy about! So, anyone have any deals at xmas rates? :no1: haha Looking for the following girls: 0.1 Butter 0.1 Black pastel 0.1 Calico/sugar 0.1 Leopard Might be interested in other combo females...
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    For Sale CB15 Pastel Calico Female Currently weighs 100g Bred by ourselves here at Rskl Reptiles Eating defrost rat fluffs like a champ £200 ono Local Delivery Available Based in Spalding Lincolnshire
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    I'm looking for an adult female royal python weighing at least 1.5kg with any combination of these morphs (but not normals or just pastel): Fire Cinnamon Yellowbelly Calico Enchi Pastel Ideally I am looking to spend no more than £350, but I'm willing to consider snakes in the £350-£500 range...
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    All doing as they should, some require a few more feeds. Can take to Donny otherwise pick up Liverpool. 1.1 Calico £50/£70 1.3 Pastel £30/£40 1.0 Pastel yb £90 1.2 Normal £10/£20 1.1 Calider £150/£200 I have more pics if required, I can email them if need be. Thanks for looking. Looking to...
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    Searching for the following females: (CB14 and Older) 0.1 Enchi 0.1 Black pastel 0.1 Calico or Sugar 0.1 Leopard Give me a nudge if anyone out there can help me with this, money waiting! : victory: Thanks, Jim.
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    Male - Approx 5.5ft Calico's are fairly rare in the UK. I purchased this snake a few years ago and he arrived by courier with a slight wheeze. I took him to the vets to check if this is a RI and was advised that is is not. He only does it when he is being handled, in his viv he is totally...
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    Hi all, just wanted to show off some of our new hatchlings.....:2thumb: The story behind our crazy calicos is a sad one........the father unfortunately died :cry: So when we hatched out these little beauty's, we was over the moon :2thumb: We had 2.2 calicos, 1 high white female, 2...
1-19 of 129 Results