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california king snake
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    So i'm not to sure whats going on.. my snake isn't dead because he moves when i open his cage. But he hasn't moved from this one spot for days. His temp and humidity is good... but i did clean out his cage and rearrange his bowl, wood hut, and rock. Does he think he's in a new cage and is trying...
  2. Snakes
    I think my 'male' cali king might be eggbound, there are two large lumps in his abdominal cavity, one near the vent. I thought 'he' was a male because 'he' tends to go crazy and do loops around his viv every spring, I assumed 'he' was looking for a female. Is there anything I can do to make...
  3. Genetics
    Hey I have been looking everywhere for a California King snake that looks similar to this picture but I cannot figure out what morph this is. The best guess from pet stores and what I've read online is: "high white" "reverse stripe" "Aztec"..? Any help is appreciated.
  4. Snakes
    what's the suggested size for a fully grown california king snake? I have a Exo Terra Glass Terrarium 90x45x45cm (I prefer a Terrarium) would this be to small?
  5. Snakes
    Need some help ASAP. I've had snakes for years and never ever had a one escape on me until now! I've had my baby king snake for 3 weeks, went to feed him/her today and he/she is gone and can't find him/her anywhere :( Starting to panic as I live in a big house and have 4 dogs. :(
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    Hey Anyone here do breeding for their snakes food? How many snakes do you need to have for breeding to make sense? Can i feed a king snake dwarf hamsters? And how does one determine whether mice vs any other small rodent are more nutritious for them?
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    Hi, New to reptiles and got a cali king as my first snake. I like doing research and learning things. Just wanted to find someone to mentor me or who may want to explain like what morphs you get from what mixing. I would definitely want to get other calis in the future but for right now I...
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    I have a year and a half old California King Snake who in the last month or so seems to have decided that my boyfriend is food. He behaves perfectly fine when I am handling him but as soon as he is passed over to my bf he acts as he does when he is being fed and bites him :gasp: I can't see why...
  9. Snake Classifieds
    We are selling a 4 year old male California king snake roughly 4foot long, a 6 year old female Leopard geckos. A hand made 3 1/2ft w by 6ft h black VIV unit with decorations heat mats, red LED lights. Selling because partner left cannot keep them as i am not comfortably with them. Selling...
  10. Snakes
    I'm looking for a striped/high white California King Snake dose anyone know if there will be cali king breeders at the june doncaster show and if anyone knows prices that would be appreciated
  11. Snake Pictures
    This is my 2 year old California king snake , goes by the name of senka. We haven't had him very long and i was just wondering what people think of him.:2thumb:
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    Hi I have a reverse dot dash california king snake for sale. Was told it was male when I first brought him but not bothered to check as just liked him for his colours. Only selling due to concentrating more on my royals. Roughly 18 months old still got some growing to do but eats like a pig pig...
  13. Snake Classifieds
    Hi guys and girls Im after a California Kingsnake hatchling or VERY young. Ive already got a florida king but got him at 2 years so didnt really get to eatch him grow that much which is why i want a hatchling. Im in Milton Keynes but can travel (depending on distance) if anyone has any or...
  14. Rehoming Classifieds
    I am reluctantly rehoming my california king snake. He's 13 years old and has a lovely temperament. Has been used on animal encounters and is now looking for a quiet retirement PET HOME. Feeds well on large mice. Sheds well and is in good health.
  15. Snakes
    hi guys im new to keeping snakes and have a few queries I recently got an albino cali king not sure how old but shes about 3ft only had her a couple of weeks and she has been really active scooting around her viv. ive got a 4x2x2 viv which I have made myself a heat matt in one end covers about a...
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    Gorgeous pair of young unrelated Cali kings Male is apx 2ft and 8 months old feeding shedding well handles well Female is just under 2 ft and about 7 months old, eats sheds etc also handles well. £60 the pair collection from harlow in essex, can deliver locally. Thanks for looking, if you have...
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    I'm in no hurry to sell these guys as I can easily leave them in the hands of a trusted reptile shop owner to be rehomed if I need to, but I've got a male and a female Cali king for sale to a good home. This is due to realising how challenging it's going to be to maintain my collection when I'm...
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    Recently purchased a hatchling Cali-King and, as I expected, its a little bit snappy! Any advice on how to tame it down?
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    nice addition to any collection male 2 years just over 3ft still a good bit of growing to do :) viv defensive with typical king temperment once out hes usually fine always a keen eater perfect sheds and poos fine never been to the vet or had ny problems £40 was going to be my male breeder...
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    I have for sale a gorgeous albino striped California king snake, about 10 months old. Comes with a large plastic, juvenile viv type set up. I have a heat Matt and uv light too with an old 3 ft viv. Believed to be male, he is 21 inches long, eats sheds and poops well. Am selling due to him...
1-20 of 59 Results