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candoia aspera
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    Hi friends!, I just got female viper boa few days ago from the trusted seller in my city. But I doubt she is real female because she have little spurs on her anal. I read from few articles sometime they said female don't have spurs, and another said, some female have a little spurs. I hope...
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    Im putting up one of my orange female viper boas for sale she is eating small/med DF mice and is doing what she should, she is ok to handle, but has a good feeding response. She is priced at £400 Pics are on the web site. May part exchange for a male Candoia aspera please email me
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    Freshly shed Candoia Aspera looking as red as Father Christmas' coat!
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    The colour change in Viper Boas when shedding is amazing. Here is my 2013 Male a day after shedding, from russet brown to this
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    One of my smallest, and quite the most vicious, Yellow Viper Boa. Why go for a finger when you can leap a little higher and get the face?
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    TINY photos (will upload a bigger version) little yellow Viper Boa [ Candoia aspera ]
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    WANTED 1.0 Candoia aspera - Viper Boa ... preferably a normal, kinda dirty brown one! 1.0 Candoia paulsoni - Isabel Island Ground Boa ... white or tan background with black or red zigzag (like there's gonna be a choice!), preferably CB11/CB12 1.1 Antaresia maculosa - Spotted Pythons ...
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    Unfortunately I have made the very hard decision to sell off most of my collection due to a change in circumstances. I will be listing a few things over the coming weeks. Right now I 2 female Viper Boas (Candoia Aspera) up for sale. 1 is a big food fan and never misses a feed, the other is...
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    WANTED Candoia aspera 1.1 or 2.2, preferably CB12 Candoia paulsoni 1.0 or 2.1, preferably CB11/CB12, preferable brown rather than isabel Diones 0.1, preferable CB13, striped/normal/locale? Trinket 0.1, preferable CB13 Japanese ratsnake 0.1, prefer CB13 (I have a pair reserved already) I'll...
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    WANTED Aspidites ramsayi (Woma Python) - CB13 - male or fermale WANTED Candoia aspera (Viper Boa) - ideally CB13 - male or female WANTED Candoia paulsoni - looking for singles or multiples from 2010-2013 Will also consider older aspera, multiples of both woma and aspera. Must be in perfect...
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    Wanted - Aspidites ramsayi - Candoia aspera - Candoia paulsoni - Philodryas baroni Aspidites ramsayi - Woma Python - CB13 - male or female or unrelated pair Candoia aspera - Viper Boa - CB13 would be amazing, but I'll take CB12 or CB11 - I'm looking for two or three unrelated pairs, mix of...
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    Wanted - Candoia aspera - Candoia paulsoni Candoia aspera I'm looking for two or three unrelated pairs, mix of browns and reds. Ideally I'd like a mix of ages too: - I'll take some CB12 or CB13 babies - some older adults/sub-adults. Prefer CB, but will take LTC if in fine health and feeding...
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    wanted Candoia aspera / Viper Boa preferably CB, male, 2010 or older must be eating but ... all others considered, especially CB neonates.
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    wanted Viper Boa - Candoia aspera preferably CB preferably 2011/2012 male or female or a pair or more must be feeding ... will also consider LTC and older depending on their attitude! INBOX ME - thanks!
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    is this all of them? Candoia aspera / Viper Boa Candoia aspera aspera - Bismark Ground Boa Candoia aspera schmidti - New Guinea Ground Boa Candoia bibroni / is there a name for this lot pacific tree boa)? Candoia bibroni australis - Solomon Island Tree Boa Candoia bibroni bibroni - Fiji Island...
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    This is our new Candoia Aspera (Viper Boa) We're pretty sure it's a female, and is called Ankou, which is a female fairy likened to the grim reaper. We're unsure of her age, but judging by her size, she may have a bit of growing to do. When I went to go see her on the day she came in at Carnon...
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    Candoia aspera (Viper Boa) captive bred January 2011, feeding well on defrosted pinkies £95ea.
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    Hi, I have been looking for one for well over a year now, no luck though lol. I am willing to pay a good price. Thanks
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    we are moving out and need to sell some of our snakes 2.0 09 kenyan sand boas £40 each 0.1 09 anery kenyan sand boa £90 1.0 06 coastal rosy boa £65 0.1 09 coastal carpet python...
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    The best xmas present in the world :flrt: I put my 1.1 candoia aspera together after conditioning to them bred them. Most people say u need more males then females to bred them which i do agree with but i thought i can't find any more male so i'll try my luck! After very very slight cooling...
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