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cape house snake

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    I am emigrating, so, unfortunately, I am having to sell most of my snakes, as taking them over is prohibitively expensive. I have the following yearling cape house snakes for sale. They are all wild types (but captive bred), but their father was het T+ albino, so there is a small chance that...
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    We are moving house soon and unfortunately need to rehome a few of our snakes. 1.0 CB11 normal het t- albino, anery (proven breeder) - £35 1.0 CB12 normal (very unusual orange colouration) (proven breeder) - £30 1.0 CB13 normal het t-albino, hypo (proven breeder) - £35 0.1 CB13 t-albino 50% ph...
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    Aurelia - Boaedon capensis
  4. Snake Pictures
    New pics of my Cape housie :mf_dribble:one of my first snakes :)
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    Hi guys recently purchased an african house snake and wondered if you could help me identify the exact species. I think shes either brown (L. Fuliginosus) or a cape (L. Capensis). Shes a a brick reddish colour with lighter beige-ish scales in no real pattern. She also has a light off white/...
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    CB13 Albino Cape House Snake Male £50
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    Hi guys, I've got a lovelylittle cb12 cape house for sale. Eats, poops and sheds like it should. Looking for £35
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    These are a few bits that I will have available at the I.H.S Doncaster June 17th All Boaedon capensis 1.1.0 CB11 T-Albino £110 pair 1.0.0 CB11 T-Albino £55 1.1.0 CB10 Normal £70 pair 2.0.0 CB10 100% Het T-Albino £40 each 1.0.0 CB11 100% Het T-Albino £35 1.3.0 CB12 T-Albino £120 trio or...
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    Hi we currently have a female grown on house snake for sale Photo Here
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    I'm a male cape house snake pleeaassssseee find me a name? :flrt:
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    Male 2011 Cape house snake: Thanks to AC Snakes! :2thumb: Now the hard part; leaving it to settle in and picking a name!
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    i thought i'd share some shots of my three boys. first up, Fuzzy the royal. my first snake and a total delight. IMGP5356 by laurencea, on Flickr he is in shed in this one... IMGP7135 by laurencea, on Flickr posing... IMGP8793 by laurencea, on Flickr he is SUCH a poser... IMGP8813 by...
1-12 of 12 Results