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caramel albino
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    caramel albino carpet python male. Stunning snake and eats/sheds well.
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    Totally genuine reason for selling this pair of proven double het Royals. They have given me both Desert Ghost and DG Caramel Albino's, which can be seen at my home. Not bred last year so well ready to breed again this coming season. Originally from CPR. Male eats f/t rats and the female...
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    I Have the following Royals available, Collection is from Freckleton In Lancashire (PR4 1XA) or buyer arranged courier. I am massively reducing my collection so cash only, no trades, I will do deals on multiples and invite SENSIBLE offers. For information please pm me Adults (all feeding...
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    I have decided to let my male caramel albino brooks king go as he does not fit into my current or future breeding plans. 2 years old. An absolute cracker, feeds like your typical brooks. Does everything he should. any questions please ask
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    Fabulous opportunity to try for Desert Ghost Caramel Albino cheaply Last year I hatched a clutch containing a visual Desert Ghost and a visual Desert Ghost Caramel Albino. Had been holding back - as...
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    A change in circumstances forces me to sell my carpet pythons. 1 x cb12 jungle - bred by team reptiles Newcastle upon Tyne not sure on blood line. 6ft+ £80 1 x CB13 100% Het albino Male bred from a tiger coastal and Albino Darwin by Paul Harris at UK pythons (has visual tiger marking) 4ft...
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    Selling as I don't have the time to dedicate to the animals any more Males Caramel albino £100 Mojave £50 Pinstripe £50 Pied £300 Females Caramel albino £ 180. 1036g
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    Wanted for a project I have in mind,breeding weight or near breeding weight visual caramel albino male or combo. I might consider hets but must come with paperwork and be 100% ThanksI
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    Very nice caramel het pied ball python male weighs 338g Dob 22/10/13 Comes with paperwork from ballpythonsrus
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    I have caramel albino jags for sale, these are real stunners and are a very new morph.
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    I have 2 male royals up for sale CB12 male Caramel albino royal python has a kink towards the end of his tail but doesnt affect him at all eats every sunday sheds absolutely great last weight was 968g - £100 CB14 orange ghost male royal python eats every 5 days has shed twice now great...
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    Hey peep, question. I have a caramel albino & orange ghost, looking to produce a caramel glow. Now some guy on here said I can't produce a caramel glow with an orange ghost, it has to be a ghost (no green/orange etc). Difference? Can I produce a caramel glow with an orange ghost? Is the a...
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    Cb09 male cinnamon Defrost rat feeder Proven and still producing sperm plugs. Orginally bought from scott at cbred Over 1kg £125 Cb11 male yellow belly - really nice example Defrost rat feeder Locked this year and still interested in the girls Approx 720gms empty £120 Male caramel albino...
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    Because of personal circumstances, I have 2 caramel albino royal pythons for sale. CB12 male ~300 grams and CB11 female ~1000 grams. They're unrelated (but shouldn't be bred together because they are caramels, good for producing unrelated hets though). Male for £250 Female for £525 Both together...
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    CB12 male caramel albino, eating jumbo mice, £400 CB11 female caramel albino, ~1000 gms, £800 CB13 female chocolate pastel, £550 CB11 female spider, 700+ gms, £275 Open to offers on all
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    Male Caramel Albino for sale £1000 Eats small weaner rats weekly I'm open to any reasonable offer Please message for further details
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    Selling a couple of my males as I am looking to replace with double genes etc first up cb09 male cinnamon (proven) originally from Scott at Captivebred, been locking well this season and off food for a couple months. Weighing in completely emtpy at 1.023kg. Strike feeder on rats/multis , sheds...
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    Hi. Is anyone expecting any this season? I'm looking for a male caramel albino that is 100% het ghost, I've not seen many/ any for sale in the UK.
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    hello, i have a female cb12 66% het caramel albino for sale, she has a great temperament, she poops eats and sheds just fine, she is great to handle, very dosile and laid back :) an excellent little snakey. she currently weights 143g. more photo's are available on request! £80ono
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    8 eggs laid 24/6/12.Looks like only 5 fertile but Id almost given up as mother(normal) had gone 41 days post-shed.Fingers crossed. Ian
1-20 of 30 Results