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  1. Hobby Issues & Information
    Hi, I am really keen on gaining some work experiance for a business that do animal shows for events. You know like the types of things that would come to your school back in the day and show owls and snakes and tell you about them. Like these for example: Animal Birthday Parties - Zoo 4 You...
  2. Exotic Mammals
    do people here work with exotics as well as keep them? sorry for being intrusive i'm just a bit curious :Na_Na_Na_Na:
  3. Snakes
    Just wondering, how many people on here are have full-time careers to do with snakes, or other reps, and how many others do this hobby on the side of their full-time jobs? I'm 17, in my last year of college, and still have no idea of what I want to go on and do... there isn't much that...
  4. Shop Classifieds
    Anyone in Dorset/Hampshire interested in working with reptiles, amphibians and exotic tropical fish please let me know. We have a position available in our shop for a young enthusiastic reptile and fish hobbyist. Would suit school/college leaver.
1-4 of 5 Results