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carolina corn
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    Breeding pair of corns. Male is a Carolina and female is an amel. They've had two healthy clutches. Comes with 4 foot viv, ceramic, guard and thermostat. Also two hides and various decoration. Eating, pooing and shedding fine. Many thanks
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    Selling my female carolina corn snake. Not proven. Probed female. Not tame but she has calmed down since I got her. Not aggressive just flighty. She is beautiful. Has been brumated since December. Offers??
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    Carolina corn snake for sale, about 6 months old, never bitten. unsure of sex. cant upload pics but will email 1 if interested. never missed a feed. can sell with exo terra tank 90x45x45, heatmat and mat stat plus light canopy plus other bits like cork bark, rocks etc. £20 for corn snake or all...
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    CB12 Hypo BloodRed Corn Snake Male (x3 Avaliable) £70 Each CB12 Creamsicle Corn Snake Unsexed £50 CB12 Fire Corn Snake Female £60 CB11 Carolina Corn Snake Male £45‏ CB09 Anery Corn Snake Male Proven Breeder £60 CB07 Snow Corn Snake Female £60
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    These are my friend's (sadly not mine, as much as I would love them) and we did a (somewhat successful) photoshoot yesterday. :) Ebony, BRB, female (about to shed) Rebel, corn, male Mr Snuffles, albino bull snake, male Thanks for looking :2thumb:
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    Hey guys once again posting, due to a abundance of time wasters!!! Well lets start off with my favorite lady the Russian rat snake female :) shes 4 years old about 5 nearly 6ft long lovely temperament! has never bitten hissed or striked at me! perfect for a beginner or a breeder, or just a...
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    Hatchling corns Carolina - £10 (parents anerythristic and blizzard) Reverse oketee amel - £20 (parents anerythristic and blizzard) High White amel - £25 (mother is butter motley) Butter (still on assist feeds) - £20 (mother is butter motley) Open to offers Discounts on multiple snakes Based...
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    Last month I had 13 corn eggs hatch from our RO female and male Carolina. All the babies were sold to a local reptile shop where I'm normally found shopping most weekends. Well, I've been toying with the idea of getting a royal so popped down there today to have a look at the two they have in...
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    I am selling my Corn's as new commitments mean i am not giving them the attention and i need the space back. I have an adult amel and adult carolina sharing a 4*2*2 Vivarium. The vivarium is included along with a large range of accessories including ceramic bulb holder and new heat bulb...
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    Male Carolina corn for sale, 19 months old Eats sheds poohs weas fine. Large df mice every 8 days. Concentrating on pythons, hence the sale! Brill snake for someone. Asking 40.00 Ono. Thanks....
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    I have an adult breeding pair of carolina corn snakes for sale, they are proven and the female produced a clutch of 16 this year which were all successfuly hatched. Looking for £50 ovno Can supply housing and equipment at small additional cost. Any questions please ask
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    As stated in title. great strike feeder. sheds and poos fine. will deliver within 10 mile radius of cwmbran free.
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    baby corn snakes for sale great little pets to keep as first time keepers. hatchet out 3 weeks ago and are feeding well. There are a mix of Carolina and Anerythristics corns( light/dark grey markings) will be selling them individually but i will also do a discount if more then one is sold so...
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    7 corn babies finally arrived, all healthy, eating, shedding and deficating....all are carolina 100% het anery, lovely little starter snakes, easy 2 handle and good eaters, £25 each or £40 for pair........ :2thumb:
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    Hi,, I have a seven or eight month old Carolina corn, I have just measured him and he is around 18 inches long,, as a noob snake owner I was just wondering if that is the right sort of length??? Thanks in advance
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    I have a beautiful 3 and a half year old female carolina corn snake for sale. She is a very good strike feeder, eats, poos and sheds fine. She is also a proven breeder and has never bitten. The price for the snake is £50. She can come with a 3ftx1ftx1ft viv, heat mat and stat for a further £50...
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    Hi guys, just looking if there is any interest in my 09 Carolina Corn. He is nearly 2 foot, eating small mice every 7 days and shedding fine. I am thinking of selling or trading him as he is too quick for me to handle and not keen on it (skittish). I have had him since September, and my OH...
1-17 of 17 Results