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  1. Shelled Classifieds
    Approx 5yrs old Collection only (courier acceptable)
  2. Snake Classifieds
    Ive had Willow since 2011, from day one shes been fiesty, A few months after buying her my dad accidently left her cage open after feeding when i was away for the weekend and she escaped for about 6-8 months. Luckily one day she turned up at our next door neighbours house underneath their...
  3. Snake Classifieds
    Unfortunately I need to sell my pair of Corn Snakes. I have successfully bred from them the last few years, but i do not have the time to commit to them any longer. They come with their vivarium fully set up, a big bag of spare Aspen bedding and a separate feeding tub. The male is a snow and the...
  4. Snake Classifieds
    Here I have a male snow and female carolina corn snake for sale. They are 5yrs old and live together in their thermostat controlled vivarium. The vivarium has a cupboard underneath for a useful bit of storage and also houses the electrics for the thermostat, heat mat and light. This pair have...
  5. Snake Classifieds
    As titled, adult anery cornsnake and adult carolina cornsnake. both eat and shed regularly £20 each. Can come with a vivexotic 3' vivarium each with ceramic bulb, guard, termostat, water bowl, hides for an extra £40 per viv, (2 avaliable) Please call or text 07769220749 for any questions for...
  6. Shelled Classifieds
    Genuine captive bred 13 Caroline diamondback trio, unrelated Kept in brackish set up Will only sell to knowledgeable keeper Collection only
  7. Snake Classifieds
    Can meet at kempton, these are the snakes I have for sale: Unsexed: CB13 Blue Manokwari Green Tree Python £650 *Parents are bright sky blue* CB13 Pure Butter Motley Corn Snakes £60 Each CB14 Lavender het Hypo & Diffused Corn Snake £60 (very purple!) CB14 Hypo Lavender het diffused Corn Snakes...
  8. Snake Classifieds
    Had considered for our breeding projects but not personally a fan of the Carolina morph. Very healthy. Had her for about a month and never bitten. Eats well (and often!) currently on large mice but will take rat fluffs quite happily too! Lovely girl but as previously mentioned I'm not...
  9. Snakes
    I have 11 corn snake hatchlings for sale! The hatchlings have eaten weekly and they all eat with no problems, all have no problems with shedding. Have been well handled A mixture of morphs: - Amel x 1 - Anna x 4 - Carolina x 3 - Snow x 3 £30 each or offers welcome for more than one Please...
  10. Snake Classifieds
    Three Carolina hatchling for sale, two month old, eating every 5 days and shedding well. I don know the sex of them as they are to young. If interested contact or any queries contact Mark on 07891767778 Or Adrian/Julie on 02392266654
  11. Snake Classifieds
    Female amel corn snake and male (not probed) Carolina corn snake. Both healthy and doing everything they should - eat, shed, poo etc all fine. Both have good temperaments and used to being handled. Female recently laid a clutch of eggs so is on the slender side, however she is eating nicely and...
  12. Snakes
    All the pictures are available on my profile. Any help is gratefully received. Thank you.
  13. Snake Classifieds
    Hi all, Due to bad health I am needing to downsize my snake collection a bit, Up for rehome here I have an adult male Carolina corn snake. He eats like a pig (he is my dustbin) sheds and poos no problems at all. Friendliest fella you'll meet, always waiting to come out.. He's roughly...
  14. Snakes
    I just bought a Carolina corn snake from someone who said she had a small injury around her neck that was due to her trying to escape. However it happened, I would like to know if there was anything I could do to help her. He assured me she is shedding and feeding fine, just wanted to know if...
  15. Snake Classifieds
    Adult male Carolina corn, proven breeder, sired last years litter! Lovely temperament really chilled out. I am unsure how old this snake is as was passed on to me.
  16. Snake Classifieds
    CB08 Carolina Corn Snake Male £35 NO OFFERS, I rescued him a few years ago so im in no rush to sell him as i want him going to a good loving home, feeds on anything and everything! He's like the dustbin for any uneaten rodents on feeding day lol! He has produced some stunning offspring in the...
  17. Snake Classifieds
    2013 corn Hatchlings for sale.£10 each. All feeding and shedding well. 4 Male Wild Types het Charcoal, Amel and hypo, poss het anery 3 female & 5 male Amels, het charcoal and hypo, poss het anery Collection from Farnborough. Any questions please ask. Jo
  18. Shelled Classifieds
    Hi, I'm looking for a mature male (at least 5) eastern box turtle to pair up with my female. Would be willing to buy or do a breeding loan. Thanks
  19. Snake Classifieds
    Hi guys, unfortunately the past year hasn't been so easy. I've had loads of personal issues and had to give my snake to my parents but they're really struggling to look after Revels so the time has come to rehome to someone who will love and appreciate him more than I can at the minute. :(...
1-19 of 93 Results