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    Right I have a full carp set up all in fine working order, the setup consists of: 2 rods, 1 13ft diawa powermesh 3lb test curve an a carpoligy rod 2.5lb tc 2 reals 1 diawa an one carpoligy baitrunner both with 15lb camo line just put on used twice, 2 rod pods one quite low to floor, one is...
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    goldfish,koi, orfe, carp and tench. please pm !: victory:
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    3 wychwood rouge rods 12' 2+3/4 test. 2 wychwood signature freespin 50 reels with spare spools. 1 set of Sundrigde optonic bite alarms (3 bite alarms + extension sounder box). 1 Nash H-Gun rod pod. 1 Nash hooligun 2 bivvy. 1 big holdal 1 bed chair (useable but not in great condition) 1 landing...
  4. Fish Keeping
    hi anyone have a koi pond ive just finished stocking mine and would be nice to see others ponds. i have about ten 2 foot koi and a 3 foot dimond back sturgen. ill post pics when i find my lead lol.
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    Hi i got a few fish i need rehomed, if anyone can home them that would be great. They are mixed carp and ghostcarp about a dozen from to about 12inches. all different weights, no pics, you know waht they look like and to be honest not enough time to weigh and photo them. Been well looked after...
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    Hi guys, got loads of fishing gear that im getting rid of, x1 leeda rod (carp) 2.75tc x1 fox warrior (carp) 2.75 tc - BRAND NEW NEVER BEEN USED x1 Diawa (carp) 2.75tc x1 float rod (cant remember the brand will check this) x3 assorted bait runner reels (cheap brands nothing fantastic but all...
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    Here we have my Zensorflex 12' two piece carp rod, ideal for both pike and carp fishing . It is in superb condition with very few signs of use. This rod is available with an Okuma Optidrag model ODB-165 which features a reversable handle, front drag with rear micro drag which is used to allow...
  8. Fish Keeping
    ok i was sent a 16-18 inch ghost carp with my fish order its not ment to be for me but the labels must of been mixed up this fish is huge dont have a clue what to do with it its in a 4 by 2 by2 tub just now with an airstone and filter the company wont take it back due to the way they work...
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    Only went fishing once last year and haven't been this year, so i've decided to sell. All in great condition 3x Nash venom rods 12ft 2/3tc 3x daiwa entoh reels 3x nomad sleeves trakker mk2 1 man & extended wrap Matrix patriot pod & indicators Reubon heaton scales Fox digital scales 2x Delkim...
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    hi guys, i have a garden pond, at 1200Gallons. This is NOT a plea for free fish, but to anyone that is filling in a pond or needs fish moving on, i will be happy to collect, transport, and provide a excellent home for fish. about me : I am not claiming to be a rescue sanctury or anything of...
  11. Snake Classifieds
    2010 corn snakes feeding great all between 5 and 10 feeds from 3 different clutches unrelated pairs. £15 each deals on 10 or more (hurry only 11 out of 64 left!) also got some brand new fishing gear! New carp rods 2.75lb tc £15 carp runner reels only £15 with new 10lb line! Rod pods complete...
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    I have available a Badger Carp Fishing Bedchair. All in very good condition, Three leg design with height adjustment on each set of legs with mud feet and small pocket on side of chair for mobile phone. Collection from Bridgwater Somerset (TA7) Grab a Bargain @ only £30.00 :2thumb:
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    i am looking for some decent sized carp for my mums pond need to be too big for heron to pick up as the pond is way to big to put a net on thanks
  14. Wildlife
    any one up for showing me where they fish n showing me some of the carp they hhave caught [/FONT]
1-14 of 16 Results