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  1. Snakes
    Hi All, I know there is a lot of mixed reviews about hybrids, for my own selfishness I want to breed my 2 pride and joys (Male Pastel BP x Female Bredli) not to sell, I just cant think of anything better to add to my collection other than something made from my 2 babies. I was just wondering...
  2. Genetics
    hi all, how does everyone feel about carpalls and would anyone be interested in some as i've got a coastal female and possibly a male champagne if i can borrow him from a mate, it would be interesting to see what would come out markings and colours wise out of this breeding, i'm probably gonna...
  3. Snakes
    As the title says, this forum is definitley the best lol. Just registered on '' as I'm lokking into producing 'Carpall's' and instantly I couldnt post threads, trouble loading etc. And half of the info I read on there was total B******T! Must say guys, were doing extremely...
  4. Snakes
    so i see Carpalls are in the market, and seem to be growing somewhat successfully, so what would a 100% het granite irian jaya crossed with an Albino ball python give you!? lol what next? Cat dogs?
  5. Snakes
    hi just wondeinrg what everyones opinions are on carpalls?personally i think they look awesome..: victory:
1-6 of 6 Results