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    CB17 male carpet chameleon PROVEN Doing everything he should No Swaps A 20% non refundable deposit will secure for a limit time Can take to June Donny show Message for pics as can't upload :(
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    Looking for a Furcifer lateralis (carpet chameleon) or dwarf chameleon, had a male previously who had a freak accident and had to have his tongue amputated, sadly he couldn't learn to feed without it and had to be put down, I'm really passionate about the species and have a bio-active vivarium...
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    Male and Female (related) Carpet Chameleons. CB March 2016 £125 Each. Downsizing collection to concentrate on a couple of particular breeds, so I have a few different chameleons for sale.
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    Hi all, On Tuesday this week I noticed what I thought to be my carpet chameleon trying to regurgitate a locusts leg, on closer inspection I realised he had swallowed his tongue and took him to the vets, the vet pulled it out his throat and said that he had lost the use of it because of the time...
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    As Per the title - An unrelated male and female breeding pair. Both just over a year old and good to go. I have 2 large exoterra reptibreeze that can go with them for a negotiable price extra
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    CB14 1.1 Carpet chameleons (Furcifer Lateralis). They are a pair, however the male had a foot eaten by a black cricket as a neonate. As a result he struggles to mount the female. He does attempt to and she is receptive unfortunately his back leg just can't grip onto her (poor lad). Can sell...
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    Captive bred carpet chameleons, Furcifer lateralis for sale. I have young from three different bloodlines so unrelated pairs are possible. Ready in a few weeks.
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    2 UK CB 12 month old males, 1 EUROPEAN CB 11 month old female - all ready to roll with breeding. The female has had one fertile clutch a month ago. All are unrelated from European line parents. They eat everything, good condition animals. Selling as a breeding trio and will not split. Price...
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    UK CB 10 month old male, ready to roll with breeding. European line parents. Eats everything, Good condition animal. NO TIME WASTERS. Pick up Stratford, East London. Can include a muji 60x45x45cm mesh cage and drainage base for £120 extra
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    Hi I have 2 females of the species sourced from Europe - now looking for a decent unrelated male, if anyone has a lead? Thanks
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    I am selling a few of my chameleons to concentrate on my other species so I have for sale my very handsome Carpet chameleon 2012. He eats well (large locusts) mealworms and dubias, sheds fine as you can see in the photos. Please have some knowledge of this species and their full requirements...
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    I have a number of carpet chameleons for sale. The furcifer lateralis species, not furcifer major. These are stunning little sub adults. Am happy to provide any details on the care of these and successful incubation techniques of eggs too. I have - large number of eggs hatching in a week or so...
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    Hi, for sale is my beautiful carpet chameleon she is gravid, she has laid one clutch of 19 eggs on the 2nd of feb and I was told by the breeder I bought her from that she can have up to 3 clutches per mating period she is healthy and eating all the time I would like £100 for her Thanks Jak
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    I have some carpet chameleons (Furcifer lateralis lateralis) available if anyone is looking to keep a pretty little Cham species that not many people have. They used to be fairly common in the trade but not so much in the uk any more. I am selling young adults between the ages is 6 - 12 months...
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    Zippy, my baby Carpet chameleon is 5 months old tomorrow. He weighs 8g and has nearly doubled his weight since I got him at PRAS.
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    Here i have my lovely male carpet chameleon (furcifer lateralis) Very tame, gorgeous colouration, just selling to make some space. For more details please contact me Thanks
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    hi have been looking for a pair of carpet chameleons for new breeding project this summer does any one know where i can get any from shop,breedrs ect many thanx andy
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    Hi looking for preferably a male CB Carpet Chameleon. cheers, Ryan
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    So I must have had my carpet chameleon about a month now, and already this little one has shown quite a range of colours, enjoy..... And then today, hes going to shed any day, he better get on with it soon, driving me mad with worry at the moment...
1-19 of 24 Results