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carpet jungle cheynei
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    3 of 14 have their head out ! I'm over the moon .... First time i incubate eggs.... it was a surprise as today was only day 49 .... was expecting them in a week time... I got the box out to wipe the condensation ... and wow ... I sow these tiny cute little faces looking at me!
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    cb 10 jungle carpet pair female is a fussy freeder,but the male bangs them back!! :whistling2: female male
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    '10 jungle female carpet python WANTED 2010 (or older) MORELIA SPILOTA CHEYNEI Female SHE NEEDS TO BE HIGH YELLOW AND CLEAN , GERMAN BLOODLINE QUALITY. Pm if u have what I'm looking for sale I'll be asking for pics and lineage info. Thanks Gabriel
1-3 of 3 Results