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carpet python caramel
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    🐍 CB17 ♀ Striped Caramel Jag, Het. Axanthic Carpet Python (10/06/17) 🐍 CB17 ♂ Banded Caramel, Het. Axanthic Carpet Python (09/06/17) BASED IN CHORLEY, LANCASHIRE. (SNAKE ONLY) £180 EACH OR £350 FOR BOTH! (open to offers or a swap for a nice yellow Jungle) Currently both about 3.5/4ft...
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    I have a lovely cb13 male caramel carpet jag from paul harris lines that im reluctantly debating on selling due to space issues. Problem is i have no idea how much he is worth? He eats and sheds well. I have not worked out gow to put a pic on here yet!
1-2 of 2 Results