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carpet python pics
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    she is not looking her best as she looks to be going a bit dark ready to go into shed, but I love how this girl has developed! really looking forward to putting my IJ jag to her next year!
  2. Snake Pictures
    well my keeper IJ from 09 shed the other day, so grabbed some pics last night...this chap is amazing in the flesh! i know its always said, but these pics really do him no real justice!...i have NEVER seen an IJ like him! or another carpet like him for that matter!...he is absolutely stunning...
  3. Snake Pictures
    two more new additions! a beautiful male Jungle Jag, and a beautiful male Irian Jaya Jag! i was really after female jags...but i guess this just means i will need more female carpets! :lol2:...also got a female Irian Jaya but couldnt get any good pics of her at all!!...really pleased with these...
1-3 of 3 Results