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carpet pythons
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    Wanted Adult inland carpet python's cash waiting.
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    Wanted A adult trio 1.2 carpet pythons looking for more pure stuff an I'm on a budget , please fill free to pm with what you have , live in Cardiff an I'm happy to use a courier if needed.
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    Have the following carpet pythons for sale. All eating, pooing and shedding perfectly. Lots of animals here that will get you a leg up in amazing projects like the Axanthic Super Zebra, Caramel Axanthic Zuper Zebra and Moonglow (which is now possible due to UK Pythons TRUE hypos)! Some photos...
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    Tons of Carpet Pythons for sale. Prices below -open to offers on all animals. Can arrange courier and delivery to European reptile shows! ***Photos available on request due the sheer amount*** BABIES ===================================== Albino 66% Het Axanthic £300 (from double het snow...
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    I have ready for sale 2o17 1.0 caramel zebra grannit £295 2017 0.1 caramel jag het axanthic £195 offers on the pair? located in weston super mare but willing to travel pm for pics no time wasters
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    I have the following snakes for sale from the London/Kent area. All are from German bloodline stock mainly Precision Reptiles/Star Pythons. 2014 Adult PAIR double het for SNOW (20 fertile eggs this season - no slugs) - £3500 ono Adult female Caramel Jaguar het Axanthic (proven breeder laid...
  7. Introductions
    Hi people ,just joined... new to this forum but not reptiles***128512; Kept a few different species over the years , got 15 ATM mainly different carpets,but have a few western hognose aswell ***128013; ATM I have as follows 0.1 Pure jungle 1.0 Darwin jungle get albino 1.0 jungle 0.1 Diamond...
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    For sale Cb11 proven precision female caramel 100% het albino strike feeding on large rat and doing everything she should , she's a little viv defences but once out she will calm down. She has produced sunglows caramel albinos albinos and hets. £400 Cb14 male white line albino carpet python...
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    I have the following still available and are a great cheap way to aim for an axanthic zebra or super zebra axanthic in a few years time! 1 x Axanthic £300 2 x Jungle PH Axanthic carpet pythons £125 each 4 x Zebra 66% het Axanthic carpet pythons £200 I also have a FEMALE Axanthic zebra which I...
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    1.0 black head python £350 0.1 10ft albino burmese (very friendly) £150 0.1 10ft african rock python (clutch this year) £150 0.1 sub adult hypo boa £80 1.1 cb15 (late) white line albino carpet pythons £500 1.1 cb15 grown on zebra carpet pythons £200 1.0 false water cobra sub adult £100 1.1...
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    Have for sale . Caramel het 100% axanthic, 2015 x2 Males £290 Caramel Jag 100% het axanthics X2 2015 females £320 caramel Albino female x1 2015 £900 ono ready to breed Caramel albino jag 2104 £1750 ono ready to breed white line albino male 2104 £400 Albino C grade Tiger Albino x1 2105 £800...
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    caramel zebra 2015/ 2014
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    2015 Caramel Albino Jaguar Carpets. Both sexes available. Bred by the No1 Morelia breeder Paul Harris of UKPythons. Our generous payment plans are available. Contact me at [email protected] for more details
  14. Snake Classifieds bred myself all healthy feeding well, also have some caramel gets and caramel jag het axanthic left the key to making caramel axanthic jags...
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    2015 albino's bred by my self.
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    Due to split up have to move the entire collection on cant have any where I'm going taken years to build up, some really useful breeding animals top end tiger albino available none sold to uk yet ? so if you want a unique project there are many different world first opportunity to jump on board...
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    I'm always looking to add to my collection! interested in: Carpet Pythons Royal Females with hets Cash either way if needed looking to trade in this Laptop worth a deal just for the access to free Tv and movies Samsung Laptop Fully tested plus factory reload Win 10 15.6" Intel Pentium...
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    I have my male 2009 proven zebra carpet Python for sale I'm asking £150 for him can organise a currier at your own expense :) many thanks ! He is also on preloved ! Preloved | male zebra carpet python reduced !! for sale in Plymouth, Devon
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    If there's one thing I've learned during my entire time of keeping snakes, it's that they don't care about your lovely decor, the carefully installed branches and the pretty foliage that we think makes their homes look a bit more natural for them. The bigger the snake, the more disregard they...
  20. Snakes
    Not a coastal carpet as I know they're bigger. I'm wondering what the enclosure size is for the likes of a jungle carpet. Would an Exo Terra Extra Large/ Extra Tall be ok for an adult. 90cmx45cmx90cm ?
1-20 of 147 Results